Sample of Sale Agreement

(for Islamabad)

This Agreement to sell is made and entered into at Islamabad on the _______________ day
of __________, 2006 between Mr _________________________S/o________________ Resident of ________________________________________________ holding N.I.C __________________,hereinafter called the First Party/ Seller, which expression shall include his legal heirs, successors in interest and assignees on the One Part.


Mr ____________ S/o ________________ resident of__________________________
Holding N.I.C ___________________,hereinafter called the Second Party/
Purchaser, which expression shall include his legal heirs, successors in
interest and assignees on the other part.

Whereas the First Party /Seller is absolute and lawful Owner / Allottee of
Double Storey House No______ measuring ______= ______ sq yards , situated at
street_____, Sector______, Islamabad , vide CDA allotment / transfer letter No
Dated________, which is free from all sorts of liens / encumbrances .

AND WHEREAS the First Party / Seller has agreed to sell the above said House to
the purchase and the purchaser has also agreed to purchase the said house
(hereinafter called the “Said Property”) at a mutually settled price of
_______________________ ) on the terms & conditions appearing hereunder:-

That the First Party / Seller has received a sum of Rs____________ /- (________
__________ )as earnest Money from the second Party / Purchaser .

That the Second Party will pay the remaining sale consideration a sum of
Rs_____________ (Rupees _______________________ ) to the First Party / Seller
on or before ____ day of ___,2004 at the time of transfer of the above said
property in favour of Second Party / Purchaser or his nominee(s) in the office
of C.D.A.
That all the relevant documents, in Original , will be delivered by the First
Party / Seller to the Second Party / Purchaser or his nominee at the time of
transfer of said property in the office of CDA.
That the Seller hereby assures and covenants with the Purchaser that the said
property is free from all sorts of Claims, liens & encumbrances Whatsoever
nature and that he has good right , title and lawful authority to sell the said
House in all respect.
That the Seller shall be responsible for all the liabilities, dues, property
taxes and charges / utility bills etc, payable / dues to the CDA, Government or
other concerned authority up to date at the time of transfer of the said
That if the Seller refuses this deal or fails to transfer the said House /
property in the name of purchaser or his nominee(s) , then the Seller will be
responsible and bound to pay double amount of the received biana money to the
purchaser immediately .And in this case the purchaser will also be competent
to complete this deal through the Court of Law ,on risk and cost of Sellers. In
this case any objection by the Sellers will not be considered.
That if the Purchaser backs out from this deal or fails to pay the balance sale
consideration within stipulated time, then this deal will be considered
cancelled and received biana / earnest money will be forfeited.
That Physical and Vacant possession of the said House / Property with all
fittings , fixtures and installations will be handed over at the time of final
Payment / transfer to the second party / purchaser.
That the First party / Seller will be responsible and bound to get Completion
Certificate from the CDA, N.O.C ’s / NDC from CDA, Islamabad or any other
concerned departments of the above said House / Property before transfer.
That First party / Seller has also agreed , that the Second Party / Purchaser is
at liberty to get the said house / property transferred in his own favor or in
favor of any other person(s) desired by him.


a) That the First Party / Seller has paid all dues , taxes , assessments,
ceases payable in respect of the said property up to the date of these
presents, which if not so paid, then the First Party / Seller alone shall be
liable for the payment thereof.
b) That the First Party / Seller have not taken any loan against the said
property, from any person, Bank or Co-operative Society nor does any liability
exists against the said property.
c) That the First Party / Seller has not stood surety or guarantor of any
person or organization in respect of any bail or loan from any Co-operative
Bank or organization in respect of any form or manner against the said property
and it is also certified that the said property has not been sold / mortgaged
to previously.
d) That the First Party / Seller has not entered into any deal overtly or
and covertly with any person / party in respect of said property.

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF , both the parties have signed this Agreement to Sell in
presence of witnesses below:-

Seller Name:-__________________ Purchaser Name:-________________

NIC:-  ________________________ NIC:- __________________________


1)____________________________ 2) ________________________

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