Exciting News: Blue World City Balloting Just Around the Corner!

Rawalpindi: The latest update reveals that the owner of Blue World City (BWC) has announced the upcoming balloting event, which will take place in the next 4-5 days. To stay informed about the date, timing, and venue of the balloting for Blue World City, visit our website at The Millennium Builders. We encourage you to participate in this important balloting event for the housing project.

The following blocks will be included in the balloting:

  • BWC Awami Block
  • BWC Overseas Block
  • BWC General Block
  • BWC Waterfront Block

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Blue World City is a collaboration between Blue Group of Companies and China-based Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. It is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange, close to the twin cities and Islamabad International Airport. The project is highly regarded in Pakistan due to its excellent location, luxurious amenities, and impressive replicas and attractions. The development work is progressing rapidly, and soon the housing society will be ready for residents to move in. Investing in BWC offers a luxurious standard of living and high return on investment.

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For the latest updates on the balloting of BWC blocks, stay connected with The Millennium Builders.

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  1. Exciting News: Blue World City Balloting Just Around the Corner!

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