Blue World City Islamabad: Exciting News! RDA Officially Revises Legal Status

Blue World City is a modern project located in Rawalpindi that often faces legal issues. Many people, including investors and those interested in buying property, believe that this project is illegal. Since its launch, there have been allegations that Blue World City does not have the required approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and is considered illegal. The developers and owners have assured the members about the ownership of the land, but most people, including real estate agents, do not trust this claim.

However, the administration of Blue World City has worked hard to address these legal concerns. Recently, there were allegations that the owners of Blue World City forcefully took land from innocent people without providing any compensation. This negative image of the society and owners led to disappointment among investors and potential customers. They feared they would not benefit from this project or get their money back.

Fortunately, the management of Blue World City has fulfilled all the requirements of the RDA and resubmitted the necessary documentation. As a result, the RDA has removed the illegal status of the society and is now processing the issuance of the No Objection Certificate (NOC).

The NOC is a crucial approval that the project needs to obtain from different authorities. It shows that the project meets the necessary standards and regulations. It is expected that Blue World City will receive the NOC this time, which is excellent news for its members. The NOC will cover a large area of land, approximately 12,465 Kanals, as shown in the attached snapshot.

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Blue World City Islamabad: Exciting News! RDA Officially Revises Legal Status

Discover Blue World City Islamabad: Your Ultimate Guide to a Futuristic Destination

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