Caretaker CM urges that Lahore Development Projects Need Timely Completion

LAHORE: Mohsin Naqvi, the chief minister of Punjab, presided over a meeting at his office to review the progress of significant development projects in Lahore, highlighting the importance of adhering to project timelines for timely completion.

He urged the officials during the meeting to expedite the commencement of new projects and make on-time decisions related to design and other crucial matters. Additionally, he warned that any delays and carelessness in these development projects would not be accepted. The need for well-designed traffic plans was highlighted in the meeting to reduce disruption to residents throughout the construction phase.

During the meeting, it was discussed how many projects were progressing, including the elevated motorway, the Nawaz Sharif junction underpass, the Cavalry signal-free route, the Arfa Karim Tower, the Ferozepur route to Pine Avenue, the Sattukatla nullah, the Main Boulevard to Walton and the CBD project.

In addition, the Chief Minister asked the Punjab Horticulture Authority (PHA) to speed up the airport plantation and enhance the project’s beauty.

He also emphasized the expansion of the Mall Road greenbelt. Along the airport runway and at crossroads and roadways in the provincial metropolis, there will be landscaping.

Azfar Ali Nasir, Provincial Minister for Housing, as well as the Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Commissioner Lahore, DG LDA, DG PHA, and representatives from NESPAK and FWO, attended the meeting.

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  1. Caretaker CM Urges that Lahore Development Projects Need Timely Completion

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