Crackdown on Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad: Stricter Action Policy Enforced

The Islamabad Police has taken strict measures to tackle illegal housing societies effectively. According to the police reports, these unauthorized housing schemes are engaged in land encroachments and unlawful activities, making it imperative to implement stringent action policies.

There are currently 148 private housing societies operating unlawfully in various zones of Islamabad. Among these, Zone-1 hosts 20 illegal societies, Zone-2 has 7, Zone-3 has 7, Zone-4 has 85, and Zone-5 has 29. Importantly, all these societies occupy government-owned land.

These illicit societies are often managed by individuals with a history of criminal involvement. The report highlights that these unlawful housing schemes provide a refuge for individuals without passports, including Afghan refugees, as well as absconders, offenders, and criminal gangs. Living in such illegal settlements facilitates activities like murder, armed robberies, kidnapping for ransom, and anti-state operations.

The Islamabad Police has recommended housing societies to hire licensed and uniformed security personnel from private security companies. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad emphasizes that nobody is exempt from the law, and everyone deserves fair treatment under it.

Furthermore, violators will face strict legal consequences in accordance with the National Action Plan (NAP). The police suspect possible links between these housing schemes and terrorist organizations.

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  1. Crackdown on Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad: Stricter Action Policy Enforced

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