Discover Faisal Town Phase 2: Open File Policy & Ownership Guidelines

Introducing Faisal Town Phase 2, the latest venture by Faisal Town Private Limited, unveiled in 2022. A hub of investment and homeowners, this project has captivated numerous stakeholders. The administration recently unveiled novel policies, including the Faisal Town 2 open file policy, designed to empower members.

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Unveiling the Faisal Town Phase 2 Open File Policy:

Delve into comprehensive insights regarding the open files. These pivotal documents, which hold significance for members, are meticulously detailed below. The fee for these open files stands at a total of PKR 60,000/- (50,000 + 10,000), for 5 Marla plots spanning dimensions of 25 by 50.

For members intending to initiate their open files, a prerequisite involves settling any outstanding dues. Additionally, submitting an initial advance installment is mandatory to initiate the process. As a token of appreciation, clients who promptly furnish the advance installment are entitled to a generous 5% discount extended by the administration.

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Navigating the Open File Transfer Policy:

Facilitating seamless file transfers, members interested in pursuing this avenue are advised to draft a simple statement on paper. The possessor of the open file assumes a pivotal role, shouldering responsibilities encompassing:

  • Validity of the open files, spanning six months exclusively.
  • Procuring a written agreement from a prior file holder upon purchasing an open file from the market. This agreement attains authentication from Faisal Town’s head office.
  • As the designated file owner, one assumes responsibility for adhering to installment and dues payments.

A glimpse at repercussions entails that failure to fulfill three consecutive installments subjects individuals to escalation charges as per company protocol. In a scenario where an owner falls short of submitting four or more installments, the company retains the right to annul the file. Service charges of 20% are applicable, while the remaining sum is duly refunded.

In cases of delayed payment for four installments, the owner is liable to settle escalation, restoration charges, and pending installments, aligned with Faisal Town Phase 2’s open file policy.

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