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Green Bus Service is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Pakistan, specifically in the city of Peshawar. It was inaugurated in August 2020 and is currently operational.

The Green Bus Service in Peshawar is designed to provide a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation option for the citizens of the city. The system consists of dedicated bus lanes, modern bus stations, and high-quality buses that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). The buses are equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioning, CCTV cameras, and free Wi-Fi.

The Green Bus Service is operated by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Urban Mobility Authority (KPUMA) and is part of the larger Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network in the country. The BRT network is being developed in various cities in Pakistan to provide modern and efficient transportation options for citizens. In this news, we discuss the green bus service, an easily accessible public transportation option that is now available in Balochistan in detail.

Green Bus Service an Easily Accessible Public Transportation Option Is Now Available in Balochistan

The transport secretary Dr. Muhammad Aslam Baloch announced that the green bus service was launched in Balochistan. 

This project will be completed under a Public Private Partnership model and they aim to provide affordable and convenient transport for citizens of the province. In the first phase, on Sariab Road and Baleli Road, only 16 buses will operate on these routes. According to the plan, the project will expand to other cities in the second phase. 

Last year Balochistan Public Private Partnership Board finalized this project in August. According to the PPP mode, this is part of 15 development projects. 

They are also working on other projects such as a 

  • Solar desalination plant in Gwadar, 
  • The development of the Hub Special Economic Zone 
  • 100 MW solar parks in the Hub 

The Transportation Secretary also mentioned other government initiatives aimed at improving society.

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