Innovative Road Cooling System Invented in Saudi Arabia

An innovative road cooling system is a technology that helps to reduce the temperature of roads, preventing them from becoming too hot and causing damage to both the road and vehicles that use it. 

Such a system can be especially useful in areas with hot and dry climates or urban areas with a lot of traffic and few green spaces. Innovative road cooling systems have the potential to help reduce the negative impacts of hot weather on roads and improve the safety and comfort of drivers and pedestrians alike.

In this news, we discuss the innovative road cooling system invented in Saudi Arabia in detail.

Innovative Road Cooling System Invented in Saudi Arabia

The roads General Authority, in collaboration with the ministry of municipal, rural affairs, has announced the launch of a new cooling system technology for the road. They keep the temperature down. 

The goal of this innovative technique is to decrease the prevalence of heart island. During the day time, heat will be absorbed by the roads. In the middle of summer, the temperature can get to 70 degrees Celsius. This stored heat is then dissipated during the evening. Thus, people stay away from roadways at night throughout the summer.

For this method, cool pavement is used, which may absorb and reflect less solar energy than traditional pavement. The outcome is a significantly cooler road surface, especially on warm summer evenings, when compared to traditional pavement.

According to the news, this technology has been developed for use in residential areas such as walking areas, bus stops, and more. Moreover, this technology was tested in Riyadh and its result was exceptional. 

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Manahil Tariq
Manahil Tariq

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