Pakistan's National Day Parade Has Been Postponed till March 25 Because of the Bad Weather

Pakistan’s National Day is celebrated on March 23rd every year to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940, which called for the creation of an independent Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent. This resolution paved the way for the establishment of Pakistan on August 14th, 1947.

On Pakistan’s National Day, various cultural, educational, and military events take place across the country. The day is marked by flag-raising ceremonies, parades, and speeches by political and military leaders. Schools, colleges, and universities also hold special events to mark the occasion, including debates, poetry competitions, and essay writing contests.

The day is a public holiday in Pakistan, and people celebrate by decorating their homes and streets with Pakistani flags and green and white buntings, which are the colors of the national flag. In this news, we tell you the latest update about this year of Pakistan national day in detail.

Pakistan's National Day Parade Has Been Postponed till March 25 Because of the Bad Weather

Because of the bad weather, the Pakistan Day parade was postponed till the 25th march at the President; house yesterday. Now, The Pakistan Day parade will happen on 25th march. 

After careful consideration by the authorities, this decision was made. The parade honors the Lahore Resolution of 1940, an important historical moment for Pakistan.

Military equipment is on display, and the armed services will march past while other cultural acts are presented throughout the parade. The army has decided this year to conduct it on a limited scale because of the ongoing austerity measures. 

This decision was made because of the crisis that the country is facing. The local currency has fallen to an all-time low, foreign exchange reserves are waning, and inflation has risen to levels not seen in decades, so it is essential to take all measures necessary for recovery.

Many people who eagerly anticipated this event were disappointed because of the postponement of this event. Moreover, the authorities assured us that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure a successful parade on the rescheduled date.

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