PBS is Demanding that the Census Stop Allowing Employees to Use Social Media While on the Job

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is the national statistical agency of Pakistan, responsible for collecting, compiling, and disseminating official statistics about the country’s economy, population, and society. The bureau was established in 1950 and operates under the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives.

The main functions of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics include conducting national censuses and surveys, preparing and publishing economic and social indicators, maintaining a national database of statistics, providing technical assistance and training to government agencies and other stakeholders, and collaborating with international organizations on statistical matters.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is an important institution for promoting evidence-based policymaking and improving the availability and quality of data about Pakistan’s economy and society. In this news we will explore the reasons behind this demand and its implications.

PBS is Demanding that the Census Stop Allowing Employees to Use Social Media While on the Job

PBS has raised the action over the use of social media by government servants engaged while on census duty.  The official Spokesperson of PBS Muhammad Sarwar Gondal, stated that government servants are not allowed to indulge in unauthorized disclosure of the official information, they share official documents. 

Nonetheless, it has been noticed that some officials engaged in census responsibilities frequently indulge in activities or behavior that does not comply with the acceptable standards of official conduct, despite the clear instructions and the guiding legal framework on the issue.

Some TikTokers actively post stuff on social media platforms, and some census enumerators are also involved in this activity. This is producing undue embarrassment for the census authorities at both the provincial and federal levels.

The letter states that each province’s administration is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the census field activities using its own staff.

Due to the delicate circumstances at hand, it is requested that the necessary directions on the matter be issued to the census field staff. These directions should instruct the staff to refrain from engaging in such activities and to take strict action against those who are unlawfully engaged in uploading unauthentic and misleading content regarding the digital census.

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Manahil Tariq
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