Rawalpindi Development Authority Takes Firm Stance Against Unauthorized Urban Expansion

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has recently achieved significant milestones in its ongoing mission to oversee and uphold the city’s infrastructure and residential projects. With the dedicated efforts of its enforcement unit, the RDA has launched a decisive crackdown on unsanctioned urban growth, resulting in the closure of site offices and the dismantling of structures that deviate from approved plans and guidelines.

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Halting Construction at Saidpur Housing Scheme

In conjunction with the sealing of the University Town site office and KRL Hospital, the RDA enforcement team has also enforced a temporary cessation of construction activities at an ongoing building project within the Saidpur Housing Scheme. This proactive measure exemplifies the RDA’s steadfast dedication to thwarting any unauthorized developments and encroachments within the vicinity.

Site Office of University Town and KRL Hospital Secured

A recent announcement from the official RDA social media account revealed that the RDA enforcement team has taken stringent action by sealing the site office of University Town and the KRL Hospital situated along KRL Road. This robust move underscores the RDA’s unwavering resolve to ensure that all urban expansions and developments within the city align harmoniously with the sanctioned plans and regulations.

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Dismantling Operation in Millat Colony

In an ongoing drive against unauthorized urban expansion, the RDA has initiated a comprehensive anti-encroachment campaign in Millat Colony. This operation has led to the dismantling of four walls, six sheds, and four fences in the area. Through these resolute actions, the RDA is resolute in its pursuit of preserving the structural integrity of Rawalpindi and ensuring that all construction endeavors adhere rigorously to the approved blueprints and regulations.

RDA's Unwavering Pledge to Urban Regulation

The recent initiatives undertaken by the RDA underscore its steadfast commitment to safeguarding the city’s progress in strict accordance with approved plans and regulations. By sealing unauthorized site offices, suspending work on unauthorized construction projects, and demolishing unsanctioned structures, the RDA actively safeguards the essence of Rawalpindi’s urban landscape and residential projects.

Importance of Adhering to Approved Blueprints and Guidelines

Residents are earnestly urged to ensure that their construction undertakings strictly adhere to the approved blueprints and guidelines meticulously outlined by the RDA. Such conscientious compliance not only prevents future inconveniences but also guarantees adherence to the city’s regulations, fostering a harmonious urban environment.


The recent assertive measures undertaken by the Rawalpindi Development Authority against unsanctioned urban expansion underscore its unyielding commitment to nurturing the city’s infrastructure and residential landscape. Through sealing site offices, halting unauthorized construction, and dismantling unsanctioned structures, the RDA is taking proactive strides to regulate urban expansion and ensure adherence to sanctioned plans and regulations.

It remains imperative for residents to actively participate by meticulously adhering to the approved blueprints and guidelines while embarking on construction endeavors. This collective effort will undoubtedly contribute to the comprehensive development and lasting preservation of Rawalpindi’s urban fabric, benefiting all of its esteemed residents.

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