RDA Announced the Digital Survey of Structures that are Still in the Development Phase

RDA stands for Rawalpindi development authority. Rawalpindi is a city in the Potohar Region near Islamabad. It was established in May 1989. RDA aims to provide a better development and living style in Rawalpindi. The Rawalpindi Development Authority’s (RDA) mission is to ease the delivery of and improve all citywide development projects. Moreover, they are also working to provide modern standards world commercial and residential outlets. 

In this news, we will tell you the latest news, RDA announced a digital survey of structures still in the development phase in detail.

RDA Announced the Digital Survey of Structures that are Still in the Development Phase

Rawalpindi Development Authority has announced that they are searching for a recognised company to conduct surveys of still-being-developed structures. 

This step aimed to create an Android app and conduct digital assessment structures in the residential, commercial and industrial categories. However, the goal is to develop an Android app and carry out digital assessment frameworks for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

By the Punjab Procurement Rules-2014, any business considering using this opportunity must submit an expression of interest together with the necessary documentation.

According to the instructions on the form, some specifics need to be filled in. The following are some of these:

  • Attested copy of Memorandum or joint venture agreement.
  • Certificate of registration with the PCATP, along with the renewal letter.
  • Officially attested registration certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (or equivalent)
  • Experience working on similar projects, ideally with a good idea of how long each took.
  • Provide the List of the past 5 years the company has done this work, including the date of commencement, the date of completion, or the estimated date of completion, and the total cost of such works and the cost of Consulting Services received against such works.
  • An assurance from the consultant that they have been included in doing business.
  • Proof (in the form of a certificate or affidavit) that the consulting group has no pending lawsuits against any of its clients.
  • For the last 3 years of audited financial statements.
  • Include a list of your permanent professional employees and the resumes of any key players who have worked on relevant projects and can attest to the length of time they spent working on each.

The latest information is that RDA should have the EOI no later than 22 March 2023. Moreover, if any application contains false, inappropriate, or incorrect information RDA has the right to reject these applications. 

However, Suppose a potential purchaser is interested. In that case, they can get their hands on the pre-qualification document by sending a written request and the non-refundable cost of RS 2,000 to the Director of the RDA.

You may get the requirements and bid paperwork from the RDA website, and the fee needs to be included with your submission. Eventually and most crucially, only three firms are permitted to form a JV/ consortium, and multinational firms are needed to create a JV/consortium with local firms.

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Manahil Tariq
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