RDA’s Action Against Illegal Societies in Rawalpindi

In a recent development, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has taken decisive action against four illegal housing societies operating in Rawalpindi. These societies, identified as New Iqra City or Iqra Residencia in Mauza Chak Nawan, Shah-e-Kharasan Valley in Mauza Gahan Syedan, Moon Galaxy Housing Project in Mauza Kauliyan, and Rahber Joshua Block in Mauza Malukal, were found selling properties to the public without proper authorization.

The individuals associated with these projects, namely Arshad Mehmood Rahi, Haq Nawaz, Saeed Rizvi, Muhammad Arshad Safi, Nabeel Shahzad, and Azhar Ali, now face legal action with FIRs filed against them at Chakri Police Station. The Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP & TE), in collaboration with the RDA, is actively addressing the issue and taking steps to halt illegal marketing and advertisements.

The RDA had previously issued notices to these housing projects, emphasizing that any residential, commercial, apartment, or housing project operating within its administration area without a No Objection Certificate (NOC) would be considered illegal. The authority has warned against the sale of plots without the necessary NOC and has made it clear that strict action will be taken against such ventures.

As part of its efforts to tackle the issue comprehensively, the RDA has communicated with various institutions, including the State Bank of Pakistan, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), FIA Cyber Crime Wing, OPF Islamabad, SNGPL, District Council, and PEMRA. This outreach aims to address illegal and misleading advertisements and marketing of projects on television and social media.

The RDA has also issued a public warning, urging citizens to stay vigilant and verify the status of housing projects on the official website before making any investments. This recent crackdown by the RDA reinforces its commitment to maintaining transparency in the real estate sector and protecting the public from fraudulent schemes. The legal actions taken against the individuals responsible serve as a clear message that unauthorized housing projects will not be tolerated.

Muhammad Usama

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  1. RDA’s Action Against Illegal Societies in Rawalpindi

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  2. RDA’s Action Against Illegal Societies in Rawalpindi

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