Attention Defaulters: Rudn Enclave Files Blocked! Act Now for One Last Chance

Located in Rawalpindi, close to Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension, Rudn Enclave is a large housing development by RMRSCO. In the latest news, the management of Rudn Enclave has issued a notice regarding the blocking of certain files. This announcement was made at the beginning of 2023, and they have given investors and potential customers multiple opportunities to clear their outstanding payments.

However, now the society administration has officially blocked the files of those who haven’t paid their dues or have only made partial payments. Rudn Enclave has been reaching out to clients through different channels like social media, the website, authorized dealers, calls, and messages. They have even launched RAIV Vouchers to make it easier for customers. Many customers have taken advantage of this and paid their dues, so the administration will work with them according to the company policy.

However, there are still many file holders who have not submitted their payments by the May 31st deadline. That’s why the management has decided to formally block the files of these defaulters.

Final Opportunity for Defaulters at Rudn Enclave - Act Now

At Rudn Enclave, we care about our customers and want to prevent them from experiencing any losses. That’s why we are giving another opportunity to those who haven’t made any payments within the specified time frame. Defaulters can unblock their files by paying their dues and updating their ledgers before or on June 30th, 2023. If they don’t meet this final deadline, their files will be subject to new rates, and they will have to make an additional payment based on the updated prices.

There is still hope for defaulters, so don’t waste any more time. Contact us today to submit your payments using the discount forms provided. By doing so, you can prevent your files from being blocked and even enjoy a 20% discount on your outstanding payments.

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  1. Attention Defaulters: Rudn Enclave Files Blocked! Act Now for One Last Chance

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