Soan Bridge Reopens: Easing Rawalpindi's Traffic Woes

Soan Bridge Rawalpindi has been opened for traffic after a long repair period, Soan Bridge reopening was held on 14 August 2023. Soan Bridge is a major artery in Rawalpindi over the Soan River. In the past, Soan Bridge collapsed on June 26, 2023, which disrupted the flow of traffic between Rawat and Kutchery Chowk Rawalpindi. Due to this reason, different areas such as main G.T Road, Bahria Town, and DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi increased traffic jams.

Now, with Soan Bridge reopening, the traffic flow will be distributed, and traffic congestion is likely to decrease. A small part of Soan Bridge collapsed and it took more than one and a half months for repair, commuters used DHA and Bahria Town specifically faced an increased amount of traffic, however, it will end as the bridge has been reopened again after repairs.

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Heavy traffic was diverted to the old airport road, and light traffic used the adjacent bridge during this time period. Therefore, the area faced long queues of traffic and residents felt difficulties in reaching their homes and offices. It is also important to mention that the widening of the Soan Bridge started back in 2017, and it was to be completed by January 2022. But due to different factors and political unrest, their work got delayed. Now, it is expected to complete in mid or late 2024.

The pace of work for the Soan Bridge repair was very long, and it took 48 days for such a small portion to be repaired, however, officials said that the ongoing monsoon season was the cause of this delay. Soan Bridge reopening will reduce the traffic congestion on main G.T roads as well as neighboring areas. Furthermore, repair works are also going on from Lalazar to Rawat portion of G.T Road. The traffic flow will improve even further, once it is complete.

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  1. Soan Bridge Reopens: Easing Rawalpindi's Traffic Woes

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