State Minister for Building Regulations of Punjab Urges Usage of EarthQuake-Resistant Materials

Earthquake-resistant buildings are essential in areas prone to seismic activity to ensure the safety of those inside. Such buildings are designed to minimize damage during an earthquake by using specific features, including strong foundations, frames that resist lateral forces, roofs securely attached to the frame, and walls that can withstand horizontal forces. 

Retrofitting existing buildings can also make them more earthquake-resistant. These structures are typically constructed using reinforced materials, such as steel and reinforced concrete, which provide the strength and flexibility necessary to withstand seismic activity. By incorporating these design features and materials, earthquake-resistant buildings can help prevent loss of life, injury, and property damage during an earthquake. 

In this news, we tell you the Punjab state minister for building order to use earthquake-resistant materials for high-rise buildings.

State Minister for Building Regulations of Punjab Urges Usage of EarthQuake-Resistant Materials

Nabeel Javed, the senior member board of revenue and relief commissioner, said ordered the line department to use earthquake-resistant material in the new building. They help to avoid any earthquake disaster. During the PDMA control room visit, Javed instructed the administration to inspect high-rise buildings and take strict action against those using low materials in construction. 

According to the PDMA DG, Imran Qureshi, nine minor injuries were reported in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. But there was no property and high-rise building damage. 

To enhance coordination processes and keep personnel and machinery prepared for earthquake aftershocks, Javed asked districts to submit details of available equipment to cope with natural catastrophes as soon as possible. Other than that, he also instructed PDMA to maintain continuous liaison with districts of Punjab.

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