The Importance of the Thalian Interchange Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: Thalian Interchange Islamabad is situated close to Lahore Islamabad Motorway approximately 8km away from New Islamabad International Airport. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has control over Thalian Interchange. Due to the Interchange, people can now travel straight from the Lahore Motorway to the Islamabad International Airport.

The purpose of constructing the Thalian Interchange was to control the traffic coming from Lahore Motorway and also provide a direct way to Islamabad International Airport. The Interchange provides quick access to Rawalpindi, Islamabad International Airport, and its surrounding districts. The road is also used to deliver cargo via trucks from the airport.

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Some of the educational institutes are located near Thalian Interchange and making it a significant area.

  • Roots Millennium School in Block H of Engineering Cooperative Housing Society
  • The Knowledge School and Roots International Schools, Jammu Kashmir Housing Scheme
  • Unique Learners School, Islamabad Motorway Link Road
  • Concept School, Moaz Road
  • Rawalpindi College of Commerce and Rawalpindi Cantt College, Peshawar (almost 35 min drive away from Thalian Interchange)
  • Cosmopolitan University College Islamabad in G-14
  • NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering in Islamabad Capital Territory

Additionally, the area also has a large number of renowned hospitals and clinics nearby. Some of them are the Social Security Hospital in Islamabad Capital Territory, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital next to Golra Morr, and Rizwan Hospital in G-13.

The Interchange is located at an ideal location and works as a gateway for trade as well as transportation. This site is attractive for both economic and commercial purposes. Moreover, the demand for employment opportunities is also high and it is an important factor that contributes to the significance of Thalian Interchange.

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