The Initial Phase of Qatar's Revolutionary Real Estate Platform Has Been Unveiled

Qatar is a small country located in the Middle East, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and the Persian Gulf to the north, east, and west. Its capital is Doha, and its economy is largely based on the export of natural gas and petroleum.

The country is ruled by an absolute monarchy, with the Emir as the head of state. Qatar has a population of around 2.8 million people, with the majority being expatriate workers.In this news we tell you about the latest update of Qatar. ‘The initial phase of Qatar’s revolutionary real estate platform has been unveiled’.

The Initial Phase of Qatar's Revolutionary Real Estate Platform Has Been Unveiled

According to the Ministry of Municipality in Qatar, they are going to launch the initial phase of a new real estate platform. 

The minister said that this platform will collect real estate data from different sources. They can be stored in a centralized manner. This platform will help achieve the strategic goals of the real estate sector in Qatar. The goal of the project is to build a unified database that can aggregate and examine property records from all relevant government agencies. The foundation laid in this phase will be used in subsequent iterations.

Head of the Ministry of Municipality’s Technical Office Tariq Juma Al Tamimi said the platform will benefit various bodies in the real estate sector by giving them access to a unified system that promotes transparency and can direct contracts in the future.

Moreover this platform is beneficial for both the government and private sectors. Accurate connection with various agencies is the emphasis of the project’s second phase, while improving the platform’s ability to provide services is the primary objective of the third phase.

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Manahil Tariq
Manahil Tariq

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