The Millennium Builders (PVT) Ltd.

The Millennium Builders Pvt Ltd is a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide today. Moreover, the company strives on the idea of bringing a better lifestyle to the country.

About Us


We at millennium builders earnestly pledge to provide result-driven services of investment and development with a long-lasting relationship. Moreover, our principal focus is to generate an optimized investment plan for our clients. Likewise, we evaluate our success by uplifting the property assets of local and international investors.


We strive to provide our investors and developers the insight into the local market with our years of experience and discernment of residential and commercial real estate. In addition , with a sound integration of building a long-lasting relationship and conserving our investor’s savings efficiently. Moreover , we look up to cultivating strong and steady enlightenment of the property sector that includes maximizing profits, a guide to a suitable location, and investment consultancy. Similarly , as we advance, we’re committed to reforming investment plans in the most successful way.

About Us


My sole objective for my people is to provide them with the most contemporary, substantial, and economic platforms for commercial, residential, and retail investment projects. Furthermore , I believe in developing a strong relationship with my clients. In addition , I want them to remember me as a global philanthropist in real estate, recommending my sincere and candid services to their descendants as well.
Moreover, with Years of sustainability in the domain of investment consultancy and maximizing our investors’ profits, my company maneuvers every possible prospect dedicated to being the source of long-lasting benefits to the generations of every Pakistani here and abroad.
Be it the question of securing investors’ savings, advising suitable land, or designing investment plans, our company has always proved to be a paragon of providing precise investment intelligence in all fields of construction and consultancy.


The Millennium Builders (Pvt) Ltd. is the fastest-growing commercial real estate services firm with headquarters functioning in Islamabad. Moreover , TMB (Pvt) Ltd. is a collaborative, global firm owned and operated by its Principals. Furthermore , Founded in 2013, the company functions through five offices based in Gawadar, Canada, USA, Belgium, and the regional office in Rawalpindi.

We have been providing value-added, client-centric consultancy to our investors. Moreover, we build a platform where the owners of commercial offices and private and government-owned sectors can benefit through our sales advisory and management expertise. 

TMB (Pvt ).Ltd caters to the clients of a broad spectrum of classes by bringing various residential and commercial plots for singles and families along with luxury apartments and houses with the facility of residential leasing.

TMB (Pvt) Ltd. is well aware of the growing trends in real estate and the expectations of the customers, for that the company has been working with a team of experts. In addition , this team is busy delivering integrated services based on sound research and thorough market insight and foresight. Subsequently , in drawing together the new standard and efficient management services, we reflect and encourage best practices.


We strive to focus on our customer’s needs and complete satisfaction. We also look forward to positive criticism since we aspire to develop with suggestions, giving our company steady and gradual growth. We Now have a management system that projects the way we do our business, making processes more efficient, effective and professional. In addition , TMB (Pvt) Ltd. is built on following propositions of management:

  • Customer focus, leadership

  • Involvement of people

  • Systematic approach to management

  • Continuous improvisation

  • Factual approach to decision making


Our team is working everyday to build a better world & help ensure you get the best services



  • Representing the Buyers and Sellers of World Class Architectural Estates
  • Providing Comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Management Solutions for New Developments
  • Representing Luxury Leasing Properties Worldwide
  • Offering Vacation Homes in the Most Desirable Locations
  • A Dedicated, Full-service Commercial Real Estate Division Specializing in Investment Sales of All Traditional Asset Classes

Client Commitment and Quality

  • Offering clients a creative and practical, but ultimately very personal service.
  • Works efficiently within specific budgets and time frames.
  • Work with Client’s vision with glamour, cool subtlety and originality.
  • Project is quality checked before we hand it over to the client as the finished product.
  • Creating most exquisite new and vintage products.
  • Fully considered and designed scheme ready for implementation.