Zeta-1 Mall Luxury Apartments Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Where your vision becomes a reality, a new project in twin cities is the Zeta-1 mall. It is located on the main G.T road, opposite Giga Mall. Zeta-1 mall is a place full of ideal investment opportunities. Zeta-1 mall is the top-notch project of Zaraj Group Builders. Everything you need under one roof!

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Zeta-1 is a brand new project located in the heart of Islamabad. The bottom floors of Zeta-1 feature a futuristic shopping center, while the top floors are dedicated to high-end apartments.

This is the top-notch project of Zaraj Group Builders. Escape to a world of opulence where luxury knows no bounds. Zeta-1 mall offers 1, 2 & 3 bedroom high-end apartments with top-notch amenities. It also offers branded shops at a price that won’t break the bank.

Zeta-1 mall is equipped with the latest technology. Compared to Zeta-1 Mall’s requirements, future development is a good bet. Elevate your lifestyle at zeta-1 mall.

Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses & Shops Booking Process

The booking process at Zeta-1 Mall is effortless and absolutely secure for investors. Furthermore, it is designed especially for those who have low investment budgets. In addition, there are a few important things to consider before buying Apartments, Penthouses & Shops in Zeta-1 Mall. A booking for Apartments, Pent houses & Shops requires one to visit our office so that bank account details of the Zeta-1 Mall are provided. Similarly, the Millennium Builders(Pvt) Ltd, opens up the details of prices to the clients. Furthermore, after taking proof of payment from the investor, the form is provided in the applicant’s name. Documents that are required are as follows:

  • CNIC copies of the applicant
  • Copies of CNIC of next to the kin heir
  • Photos in passport size
  • A copy of the confirmation fee and the down payment receipt.

ZETA-1 MALL Islamabad

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Zeta-1 Mall Map & Location

It is located in the heart of twin cities. Zeta-1 mall has a prime location, main G.T road, opposite Giga Mall. It is located near residential projects such as DHA, Bahria Town, and canyon views. The location is accessible to both twin cities’ residents. There are a lot of city dwellers, and they all like to hang out in restaurants and cafes. Due to its unique location, the project is of paramount importance. As a result, it holds the potential for greater long-term appreciation and rental income.

Following are some of the nearby places

  • Bahria town
  • Giga mall
  • Zaraj housing
  • Rania heights
  • DHA phase 3
  • Canyon Views
  • Islamabad expressway
  • River Garden

There are some Accessible points from zeta-1 Islamabad

  • 3 min drive from Giga mall
  • A 5-minute drive from Rawat
  • A 10-minute drive from T-chowk
  • A 40-minute drive from Faizabad
  • A 40-minute drive from Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad

Zeta-1 mall has everything you need in the future: a peaceful environment, luxurious life, prime location, fine dining experience, ultra-modern living, and branded shops. 

Zeta-1 Mall Owners & Developers

Zaraj group Builders is the developer of the Zeta-1 mall. In the real estate sector of the twin cities, the Zaraj Group Builders has earned a well-known reputation. Zaraj Group Builders is committed to developing urban infrastructure to meet the needs of its residents at the highest possible level. Among the many additional fruitful endeavors are:

  • Zaraj Housing Scheme Islamabad
  • Zaraj Residencia Islamabad
  • Zaraj Center Rawalpindi
  • Rania Heights Islamabad

Each design problem is solved with the optimal method. It creates structures that distinguish between luxurious living and accessible pricing. Zaraj Builders always delivers marvelous projects.

Zeta-1 Mall NOC Status

NOC is the most appealing aspect of any project. Zeta-1 mall is the first project in zone 5 that is approved by CDA. As a result, once investors know they may legally obtain ZETA-1 Mall Islamabad, they can rest assured that their money is safe there.

NOC # CDA/D-BC-II-6(21)/ZHS/Zone-V/2018/311

Zeta-1 Mall Shops

Everyone is eager to invest in a one-of-a-kind place that offers superior investment opportunities. Zeta-1 mall offers shops at a price that won’t break the bank. They also provide modern facilities. So what are you waiting for? This is the last chance to enhance the future lifestyle. 80% of the shops of zeta mall are sold out. The payment plan for shops is given below. 

Zeta-1 Mall Shops Payment Plan

The color-coded blocks on the payment plan indicate that these shops are available and rest are sold out. The payment plan of all floors are given below.


Zeta-1 Mall Lower Ground Payment Plan

Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall Upper Ground Payment Plan

Upper Ground Floor payment
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall First Floor Payment Plan

First Floor payment
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall Second Floor Payment Plan

Second Floor payment
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall Third Floor Payment Plan

Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall Apartments

It’s time to relive the lifestyle of elegance and comfort you deserve in the future. Zeta-1 mall is offering 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments with high-class amenities. It offers an exclusive and sophisticated living experience. 

They are designed to provide a comfortable, stylish, and convenient lifestyle for those who seek the best. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for luxurious apartments with modern amenities. And it’s no wonder why! Who doesn’t want a luxurious life with a blend of natural beauty and serenity? Zeta-1 mall is one of our finest projects. 

For a short time, millennium builders offer a 15% discount on all apartments. Get your apartments booked ASAP to take advantage of this exclusive offer! This offer is only for those investors who book the apartment through The Millennium Builders. The payment plan for apartments is given below.

Zeta-1 Mall Apartments Payment Plan

Color-coded blocks on the payment plan indicate that these apartments are available and the rest are sold out.The payment plan of all floors are given below.

Zeta-1 Mall Fourth Floor Payment Plan

Fourth Floor Payment Plan
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall Fifth Floor Payment Plan

Fifth Floor Payment Plan
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Sixth Floor Payment Plan

Sixth Floor Payment Plan
Zeta-1 Mall - Luxury Apartments - Penthouses And Shops For Sale

Zeta-1 Mall PentHouses/Seventh Floor Payment Plan

On the seventh floor penthouses are available. Penthouses equipped with world class amenities such as infinity swimming pools, gym ,spa and saloon, playing area for kids, outdoor terrace etc. The view from the seventh floor will be breathtaking and often offer unobstructed panoramic views of the surrounding area. Penthouses are a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, and they are often sought after by those who value high-end living spaces and the convenience of urban living. The payment plan of the penthouses are given below.

PentHouses/Seventh Floor Payment Plan
PentHouses/Seventh Floor Payment Plan

Zeta-1 Mall Amenities

In Zeta-1 mall, you will enjoy the opulent amenities and world-class technology features. Some are given below.

Dedicated Car Parking

Dedicated parking typically refers to parking spaces reserved for a specific use or purpose, such as for the exclusive use of a particular individual or group. For example, a dedicated parking space might be reserved for a resident of an apartment building or an employee of a particular company. Dedicated parking can be beneficial in many ways, such as reducing congestion, improving accessibility, and providing convenience for those who have a legitimate need for a parking space. However, it can also create challenges, such as enforcing parking regulations and ensuring that spaces are used appropriately.

Fitness Center

They offer state-of-the-art fitness centers with gym equipment, yoga studios, and personal trainers.

Passenger & Cargo Lifts

Passenger and cargo lifts are commonly installed in malls to provide convenient and efficient vertical transportation for shoppers and goods. Passenger lifts are designed to carry people, while cargo lifts are designed to carry goods, equipment, and supplies. These lifts are designed to be comfortable and safe, with features such as automatic doors, emergency stop buttons, and safety sensors to prevent accidents.

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a standard amenity in luxury apartments that provides residents a place to relax and exercise.

Playing Area for Kids

The mall has a dedicated play area for kids to have fun and play games.

Food court

The mall has a large food court that offers a variety of cuisines, from local Pakistani cuisine to international fast food chains.

Wi-Fi/ satellite LED TV

With our Wi-Fi/ satellite LED TV apartments, you will always be connected and entertained. If you're looking for an apartment that is equipped with all the modern amenities, look no further. Also, our LED TVs are among the newest and most advanced in television technology. So, come experience everything our Wi-Fi/ satellite LED TV apartments have to offer, whether you're watching your favorite show or streaming the latest movie. You won't be disappointed!


The mall has several cinema screens that show the latest movies and blockbusters.

Smart locks

Smart locks have been installed in every apartment in our building. This has proved to be a great safety measure, as intruders are much less likely to get in. It has made it much easier for people to get into and out of their apartments, and also made it possible for guests to have access to specific rooms or areas.

Backup Power Generators

Having a backup power generator is a wise investment for apartment complexes. If power goes out, a generator can keep your complex running and your residents secure. Zeta-1 Mall also offers its residents a backup power generator.

24/7 active security system

A 24/7 active security system is installed in Zeta-1 Mall, which provides residents with safety and security. In the event of an emergency, our security team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently. The system includes security cameras, alarms, and door locks that are monitored and controlled by our security team.

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Zeta-1 Mall Luxury Apartments Penthouses And Shops For Sale
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zeta-1 mall NOC approved?

Yes, Zeta-1 mall is approved by CDA.

NOC # CDA/D-BC-II-6(21)/ZHS/Zone-V/2018/311

Is Zeta-1 mall a good investment?

Yes, zeta-1 mall is a good investment opportunity because of its prime location and high-end amenities. 

Why should one invest in Zeta-1 mall?

Zeta-1 mall offers you an ideal investment opportunity. You’ll find the best Shops, Penthouses and Apartments there. This wonderful, high-yielding investment will give you a great experience.

Who is the developer of Zeta-1 Mall?

Zaraj Group builders are the developers of Zeta-1 mall. 

What type of facilities and amenities are available in ZETA-1 Mall in Islamabad?

Zeta-1 mall Islamabad offers top-notch facilities and modern amenities such as security, praying area, eco-friendly atmosphere, swimming pool, playing area, gym etc. 

What entertainment options are available at Zeta-1 Mall?

Zeta-1 Mall has a variety of entertainment options, including a cinema, arcade games, bowling alley, and an indoor playground for children. There are also seasonal events and performances held at the mall throughout the year.

Is the zeta-1 mall accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, Zeta-1 Mall is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, with ramps and elevators available for easy access to all floors of the mall.

Are there any restaurants in Zeta-1 Mall?

Yes,Zeta-1  Mall has many restaurants and food outlets, serving a variety of cuisines, including local and international options. You can find fast food outlets, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants at the mall.

Which floors include residential plots available in ZETA-1 Mall in Islamabad?

The residential apartments are situated on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floor.

What amenities are available in luxurious apartments in a zeta-1 mall?

Luxurious apartments in a zeta-1 mall typically offer a range of amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spa and wellness facilities, outdoor spaces, and private parking. Some apartments may also have access to additional services such as laundry, housekeeping, and grocery delivery.

When will zeta-1 mall give possession?

According to the owner, they will give possession in the last of 2023. 

What are the benefits of living in a Zeta-1 mall apartment?

Living in a luxurious apartment in a zeta-1 mall offers many benefits, including easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It also provides a secure and convenient living environment, with amenities such as 24/7 security, concierge services, and on-site maintenance staff.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for owning a shop in a zeta-1 mall?

After possession zeta-1 mall will give higher ROI than other projects.