Blue World City Sports Valley Map | Location | Payment plan 2024

Blue World City Sports Valley Block is the perfect place for you to live if you’re a sports enthusiast who has always wanted to be a part of a community that values sports.

Investors and occupants are definitely amazed by the updates on Pakistan’s most popular housing project, the Blue World City Sports Valley Block. For people who enjoy sports and want access to all contemporary sports facilities, The Sports Valley Block provides excellent sports amenities.

The purpose of establishing this block was to commemorate the contribution of Pakistani cricket hero Shoaib Akhtar. This eventually elevates the significance of this block. His appearance will motivate locals to get in shape.

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Blue World City Sports Valley Masterplan

Blue World City Sports valley

This block was designed by international standards thanks to Blue World City’s collaboration with a well-known Chinese engineering company. National and international architects work on Sports Valley, giving the locals access to all the cutting-edge sporting facilities right outside their door. 

The Blue World City Sports Valley is offering different sizes of Residential plots, such as follows:

  • 5 Marla plots 
  • 8 Marla plots 
  • 10 Marla plots
  • 1 Kanal plot 

The Blue World City Sports Valley is offering different sizes of Commercial plots, such as follows:

  • 5 Marla plots 
  • 8 Marla plots
  • 10 Marla plots

The following places in this residential block are also worth living in:

  • Blue Mosque 
  • Torch Hotel
  • Villagio Mall

Blue World City Sports Valley block Payment Plan

A reputable Chinese engineering company worked with Blue World City to design this Block in compliance with international standards. Sports Valley is designed by prominent national and international architects, providing residents with state-of-the-art athletic facilities just steps from their homes.

Blue World City Sports valley

Blue World City Sports Valley Accessibility

Adjacent to Chakri Road, Blue World City Sports Valley block will have easy access from Defence Road. Aside from this, this Block is only a short drive from the renowned CPEC road and Motorway M-2.

The areas that can be reached from Blue World City Sports Valley are as follows:

  • The Blue World City Sports Valley is near Chakri Road and Defence Road. 
  • 21-minute drive from Chakri Interchange.
  • 11 minutes away from Adiala Road.
  • 45 minutes away from M-1 Motorway.
  • 22 minutes away from the M-2 Motorway.
  • 39 minutes away from Thalian Interchange.

Blue World City Sports Valley Location

Blue World City Sports valley

Sports Valley’s most prominent feature is its location. The society’s management still needs to make Blue World City’s precise geographic map public. On the other hand, preliminary information indicates that Sports Valley will be built close to Defense Road and have direct access to it. Many twin city investors are drawn to Sports Valley because of its advantageous location. Blue World City is generally reachable from various locations and routes in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Ring Road, M-2 Motorway, CPEC Route, and Islamabad International Airport are the roads that lead to Blue World City Sports Valley.

Blue World City Sports Valley Map

Blue World City Sports valley

Blue World City Sports Valley NOC

Before investing, it is crucial to consider the housing society’s legal standing. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has not approved Blue World City Sports Valley Block’s NOC (RDA).

Blue World City Sports Valley Amenities

Blue World City Sports Valley Booking Procedure

  • Blue World City Sports Valley’s booking procedure is simple and easy. All you have to do is visit the official website of Blue World City and select the desired property.
  • Once you have selected the property, you must complete a form with your correct personal details. Furthermore, if the information is incorrect, it will be considered fake or a scam. So, all the information about yourself and your next nominee should be correct.
  • After submitting the form, the booking will be confirmed, and you will be asked to pay. You can pay the down payment through us or bank transfer services.
  • Once the payment is received, the booking will be finalized, and you will receive the confirmation.

Sports Valley Shoaib Akhtar Enclave

Blue World City Sports Valley Map | Location | Payment plan 2024

Families and investors alike are very excited about the launch of the Shoaib Akhter Enclave in Blue World City Islamabad’s Sports Valley Block. This exclusive enclave will have first-rate amenities and conveniences to make living easier and more pleasurable.

This enclave will be the best option for anyone looking to live a lavish lifestyle because of its modern amenities and handy location. Additionally, it will give investors a fantastic chance to realize their aspirations. Shoaib Akhter Enclave is an excellent spot to invest for a safe and wealthy future because of its abundant investment potential.

Sports Valley Shoaib Akhtar Master plan

The newest property to hit the real estate scene is the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Signature Villas, generating community excitement. These villa provide their occupants with abundant amenities and a contemporary lifestyle and are situated in the city’s center. The management selected a very competent crew to work on this project.

This premium community has cutting-edge sports facilities and is meant to give an opulent lifestyle. This location boasts many facilities and services, including first-rate sports facilities, upscale lodging and dining options, exclusive clubs, and retail stores.

The enclave’s unmatched sporting facilities, which include a basketball court, tennis courts, swimming pool, and golf course, are enjoyed by its residents in addition to its laid-back ambiance.

Sports Valley Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Location

Blue World City’s Sports Valley is home to Shoaib Akhtar Enclave. This enclave has easy access to the rest of the city due to its handy location close to Defence Road and Chakri Road, two key thoroughfares. The twin cities’ locations are easily accessible to Shoaib Akhtar Enclave residents, who may use all the amenities of city living.

The neighborhood offers people a great place to live and unwind because it is surrounded by greenery and has many recreational amenities. The highly anticipated China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Motorway M-2 are conveniently close to this property due to their exceptional position.

Sports Valley Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Villas

Renowned architects created the villas with top-notch features, including a private pool, clubhouse, gym, spa, and more. These provide its residents with an opulent lifestyle and are furnished with all the latest conveniences. The villas have large living areas, bedrooms, and all the latest amenities, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and contemporary kitchen appliances. The villa sizes that the management has disclosed are,

  • 6 Marla, 
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal 
  • 1.5 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Payment Plan for Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Signature Villas

The Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Signature Villas feature opulent villas and amenities that guarantee its occupants the best possible quality of life. The villas include all the facilities and conveniences one would anticipate from a posh neighborhood. The society’s exceptional location makes it perfect for those seeking a tranquil and opulent lifestyle.

In Islamabad, Pakistan, a residential development called Shoaib Akhtar Enclave provides inexpensive housing options.

The Shoaib Akhtar Enclave payment plan

The Payment plan is made to accommodate budgetary requirements and give purchasers flexibility. 

Blue World City Sports Valley Map | Location | Payment plan 2024

Booking for Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Signature Villas

Blue World City Islamabad’s management has not yet opened reservations, but they should do so shortly. Since the villas are located in a popular tourist area, reservations are anticipated to be in high demand. First-come, first-served policy will apply to villa reservations. 

Final Words

The Blue World City Sports Valley Block caters to sports enthusiasts and health-focused individuals, boasting meticulous infrastructure and a wide range of sports facilities. From tennis to cricket, it offers an unparalleled environment.

Within this setting, the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave promises modern amenities and luxury living. However, the pending approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority raises caution flags for potential investors and residents. Despite the appeal of high-end living and a sports-centric community, the absence of NOC raises reliability concerns. A prudent approach is advised, suggesting a wait for the official endorsement for a more secure investment decision.

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