Blue World City Waterfront District Location | Map | Payment Plan

Blue World City Waterfront District is an excellent choice for a place to live. Its scenic beauty and serene surroundings make it an ideal location for a residence. With stunning views of the waterfront, it offers a peaceful and picturesque environment for homeowners. Additionally, the amenities and facilities provided in this district make it a highly sought-after residential area, catering to both comfort and convenience.

The Waterfront District, created by BWC Islamabad, gives people a special place to live with excellent facilities. The developers worked hard to make sure it’s a great spot to live and invest. It’s an amazing investment chance with a good lifestyle, modern amenities, and affordability that will definitely pay off in the long run.

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Blue World City Waterfront District Owners and Developers

Blue World City Waterfront District Location | Map | Payment Plan

Saad Nazir is the only owner of this enormous society. Few people are aware that he is the proud son of former Lahore Deputy Commissioner Ch Nazir Ahmad. 

This company is currently ranked in the top five real estate corporations in Pakistan, having completed numerous iconic projects throughout the nation. They have been in business since 1998 and are renowned for their dependable customer service and dedication to quality. Their team of seasoned professionals executed every job with great care and attention to detail in order to guarantee that their clients are happy.

Blue World City Waterfront District Location and Map

Blue World City Waterfront District Location | Map | Payment Plan

This block is ideally situated adjacent to the key sites and districts of the twin cities, being close to the Chakri Interchange on the main Chakri Road. For individuals wishing to settle down close to breathtaking vistas of the surrounding water bodies, Blue World City Waterfront District offers convenient access and a gorgeous setting.

This block can be reached from the major Chakri Interchange, and it is exactly next to BWC Overseas Block Phases 5 and 6. Residents may travel swiftly and safely between the two cities thanks to direct access to the Blue World City Waterfront District provided by the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2).

Accessibility of Waterfront District to nearest landmarks

The site of BWC Waterfront District has been thoughtfully selected to offer investors a posh lifestyle away from the bustle of the city. The geographic map of Blue World City Islamabad illustrates why this project is a top pick for investors due to its advantageous location. The locations that the Waterfront District can access are:

  • 30 minutes drive from New Islamabad Airport
  • 13 minutes drive from Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.
  • 5 minutes drive from G.T Road
  • 13 minute drive from M2 Motorway.

Blue World City Waterfront District Master Plan

Blue World City Waterfront District block

The over 1,500 Kanal area of land forms the basis of the Blue World City Master Plan. Block plot sizes in the Waterfront District are formally declared, and the management has just disclosed the balloting. The sizes offered in this premium block are as follows:

  • 6 Marlas
  • 12Marla
  • 18 Marla

Unique Features of Waterfront District

Several unique features of the Waterfront District make it stand out from all the blocks in Blue World City. They are:

  • Pakistan’s First Waterfront Community
  • Economical Installment Schedules
  • Fountain of Dancing;
  • Club of Water Sports
  • Unique Master Schedule
  • A Community with a well-planned
  • Reasonably Priced Payment Schedules
  • The Waterfront Food Court
  • A free-standing movie theatre

Blue World City Waterfront District Payment Plan

Blue World City Waterfront District Location | Map | Payment Plan


The following are some common inquiries about the Waterfront district block.

At reasonable prices, Blue World City's Waterfront District Block provides people with a distinctive way of life. This breakthrough has been the result of years of experience and hard work from a team of professionals.

In Blue World City, the Waterfront District location faces Phases 5 and 7 of the Overseas Block. BWC is located close to the M-2 Motorway.

Yes, As a new block to be developed in BWC, the RDA will soon accept the NOC of the Waterfront District Block.

Indeed. Yes, without a doubt, thanks to the simple installment plans for the Waterfront District Block. A key factor in striking a balance between luxury and cost has been the management.

Indeed. Yes, since the payment plans are within the means of modest investors and families, there's a greater likelihood of high-yield investment returns.


The Blue World City Waterfront District block offers luxury, cosiness, and convenience. You should hopefully be able to choose this specific block with the aid of “unique features of Waterfront District.” Potential investors will find this block to be an outstanding investment due to its master planning and characteristics.

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