Amenities of Nova City Islamabad

Near the Islamabad International Airport, on the M-14, is where you’ll find Nova City Islamabad which is full of amenities . Likewise, the best real estate investment in Islamabad is Nova City because of its desirable location. Moreover , due to its location in one of the nicest parts of the twin cities, Nova City Islamabad map is simple to access. 

Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route are near because they may be accessed through various channels, the ideal society is actually perfect in every manner. Additionally, one can take only a short drive to go to New Islamabad International Airport. For frequent travellers, the airport’s proximity makes it quite profitable. Furthermore , businessmen that want to be close to transportation and communication hubs will benefit from Nova City Islamabad amenities. Likewise , the project’s distinguishing feature is its location, however, Nova City Islamabad is also notable for other reasons.

Amenities of Nova City Islamabad Location on Map

Nova City Islamabad is situated close to M-14 Motorway right next to  Islamabad International Airport. Moreover , the finest real estate investment in Islamabad for investors is Nova City due to its excellent location. Furthermore, because it is positioned in one of the nicest areas of the twin cities, Nova City Islamabad map is simple to navigate. In It is also close to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route .

In addition , the fact that there are multiple paths to the ideal society proves that it is indeed perfect in every manner. Subsequently,  the distance to the New Islamabad International Airport is only five minutes. Moreover, for frequent travelers, the airport’s proximity makes it quite profitable. In addition , businessmen that want to be close to transportation and communication hubs will benefit from Nova City Islamabad amenities.

Access Avenues Nova City Islamabad

  • Located right next to the main CPEC route
  • 3 minutes away from Kanal
  • 3 minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 30 minutes away from Saddar

Nova Group

The owners and developers of Nova City are known as the Nova City Developers. Moreover , the company has a strong reputation for its numerous real estate developments, excellent infrastructure, and prompt delivery. Likewise, the owner of Nova City Developers is Mr. Junaid Afzal. As the Chief Commercial Officer of the Nova City Project, Mr. Saqib Raja is providing his active services.

In addition , the developers are administering the Nova City School System, which is currently operational in New City Wah Cantt and other sites, extremely dynamically and have extensive expertise as educators. Furthermore , they are currently making a great effort to build Nova City Islamabad, a modern residential and commercial environment.

Nova City Islamabad NOC Approval

According to letter No. PHATA/W-I/PHS/2021/690, the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Fateh Jhang and Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) have accepted the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Nova City Islamabad. Furthermore, the prospects of development and investment are higher for projects that have been approved and made legal.

NOC for its interchange on CPEC Route

The National Highway and Motorway Police have given Nova City Islamabad its blessing for the construction of a dedicated interchange. Plus , Although Nova City had certain issues with transportation and accessibility, the developers and management were committed to fixing them so that people would have a simple and straightforward trip. Subsequently , following the community’s dedication, Nova City Islamabad received approval for a special interchange that connects to the M-14 freeway.

Moreover , this progress has created more opportunities for investment and will raise the value of this society as a whole. In addition , the society can enter and exit using the designated dedicated interchange. Furthermore, residents will now be able to take advantage of seamless transportation with a direct exit and entry point thanks to direct access to the New Islamabad International Airport, Hakla DI Khan Motorway, and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

NOC form IESCO For External Electricity

Nova City Islamabad has successfully received the letter of NOC (No. 8070-75/CEO/IESCO/CE (P&G)/HS-472) from IESCO for the development of Electricity Infrastructure. Along with the other speedy developments, society will start the work of installing external electrification without delay. Moreover, we Congratulate all the plot owners of Nova City Islamabad.

Eco Friendly Environment of Nova City Islamabad

With all the modern conveniences, the project will offer an environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature lifestyle. Furthermore,  the intimate proximity to nature will offer a singular experience that is unmatched in Pakistan.

Water Resources

The project has considered the water requirements of the locals. Moreover , to do this, enormous amounts of water will be stored in water reservoirs that the residents can utilize for daily tasks.

Business & Commercial Hub

The builders have taken care of all the commercial and economic requirements. In addition , the project will offer a comprehensive business space as a result. Subsequently , the inhabitants can satisfy all of the project’s business needs from these locations.

Project Security

Project security: A project needs to feel secure. Moreover, poeople are given complete security by a security system that has carefully placed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a high level of safety, the project will also be enclosed by a boundary wall with a foolproof system.

Essential Health Resources

The people of Nova City Islamabad will have access to modern, top-notch medical facilities. In addition , Numerous clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies will be built around the region, where skilled medical professionals and paramedic staff will work.

Educational Complex

The provision of standardized educational facilities within their residential project worries the Nova City Islamabad administration. Moreover ,  to provide inhabitants with high-quality education, numerous specialized schools and universities will be established.

Gated Community

Security guards, CCTV cameras, and a centralized security system are all used in society to provide a safe and secure environment.

Nova City Islamabad Block

The strategy for Nova City Islamabad was created with one objective in mind: to create a contemporary residential and commercial environment while preserving the area’s tranquility and natural beauty. Moreover , in a nutshell, the neighborhood is created to provide contemporary living with a hint of the outdoors. Furthermore , innovative technologies and methods are used by highly qualified architects and engineers to distinguish Nova City from all other housing societies in the twin cities.

Following are the blocks at Nova City Islamabad:

  • Pueblo Block 
  • E-Sports Block
  • Overseas Block (Nova One)
  • General Block

Balloting Updates Nova City Islamabad

 In order to provide our residents with a healthy lifestyle, Nova City Islamabad is developing at international standards. Moreover , balloting Of 5 Marla, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal General Block Residentials plots is due to be held on 20th November 2022, and the First-Ever Balloting of 4 & 8 Marla Commercial General Block is due on 15 December 2022 (InshaAllah).

Development Updates Nova City Islamabad

A lot is happening on Nova City Islamabad’s site. Here are some of the site’s most recent updates in brief. Furhermore , the most recent progress going on in the project includes the completion of the main entrance of the society, 

  • Residential & Commercial Zoning, 
  • Street lights 
  • Street cutting, 
  • Fully Carpeted 72 feet wide Roads, 
  • Commercial Area, 
  • Huge Nova Bird Aviary,
  • Nova Sports Arena; with a fully illuminated tennis and football ground, 
  • Family Park, 
  • Nova Grand Masjid with its complete grey structure
  • Construction of 5 Marla luxury houses, “Villa Royale”.
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Villa Royale

“Villa Royale” an exclusively high-profile living experience, is a project by “The First”. In addition , having an outstanding, state-of-the-art location at the CPEC route, near Islamabad International Airport, these 5 Marla solar-powered houses have world-class amenities including, smart home systems, scenic landscapes, and proximity to a commercial hub. Moreover , get ready to revolutionize your lifestyle & book your dream Villa with a 2 or 3-year convenient payment plan.

Why Invest in Nova City Islamabad Amenities

Nova City Islamabad is a multi-purpose project that was conceived and developed to provide people with a unique living experience at an accessible price. Moreover , a team of engineers, architects, and other professionals with years of experience worked tirelessly on its creation.

Real estate investment can immediately create a consistent income. In addition , for example, one can buy a property, develop it, and then rent it out monthly or yearly. Furthermore,  not only that , but the rent grows by a certain amount every year, therefore it is not incorrect to state that it improves rather than remains unchanged.

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Nova City Islamabad offers high potential for capital appreciation and strong rental yields due to its prime location, modern infrastructure, and status as a gated community. However, high initial investment, construction risk, and distance from the city center require careful consideration before investing.

There are many different amenities available such as

  • Parks
  • Bird aviary
  • Jamia masjid
  • Malls etc
Nova city islamabad is best because of its modern infrastructure, top-notch amenities and alot more.
Yes, nova city is noc approved society.
Nova City Islamabad offers a variety of property options, including residential plots, villas, and apartments, catering to diverse preferences and requirements.
Absolutely! Nova City Islamabad provides ample parking spaces, ensuring the convenience and security of residents and their guests.


Nova City Islamabad is a testament to modern living, offering residents the best amenities and a life of unparalleled comfort and convenience. With its luxurious clubhouse, scenic parks, state-of-the-art facilities, and a secure environment, Nova City Islamabad truly stands as an epitome of luxury living in the heart of Islamabad. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your lifestyle and experience the very best at Nova City Islamabad.

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