Urban City Lahore |Payment Plan 2024 |Location Map

Urban City Lahore is a housing project that aims to revolutionize the living patterns of practically every social class with its budget-friendly investment opportunity. Due to its modern infinite home facilities at the most accessible price range, this housing project will be a win-win solution for both investors and purchasers.

Lahore is Pakistan’s largest metropolis and has been the site of several significant events. As the city grows and develops, the requirement for adequate, high-quality housing for its citizens becomes even more critical. The urban city Lahore housing project was developed as one method of satisfying this requirement, to create a sustainable, livable urban environment for Lahore residents.

Urban City Lahore is a housing society that meets the requirements by offering luxurious living areas at affordable prices. It provides a variety of plots, apartments, and villas in a variety of sizes and designs, as well as modern amenities such as gated security, recreation facilities, shopping malls, and more.

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About Urban City Lahore Project

Urban City Lahore |Payment Plan 2024 |Location Map

The project’s development began in 2023, motivated by the city’s need to build a long-term strategy for managing and providing appropriate housing for its citizens. A sustainability plan was developed to ensure that the demands of both current and future city residents were satisfied.

The strategy Urban City Lahore involved providing access to critical public services such as water, sanitation, roads, and other amenities. The project also aimed to minimize energy consumption, enhance air quality, and promote transportation integration and urban economic development.

Is Urban City Lahore LDA Approved?

Urban City is a new project that will be approved by the LDA and other relevant agencies soon. TMA, on the other hand, has already approved this initiative. This project was launched in accordance with legal rules and regulations by Pakistan’s most famous and reputable developers. Furthermore, the master plan is designed in accordance with legal laws and regulations in order to obtain LDA approval without difficulty.

The material has been sent to the pertinent authorities by the Urban City Lahore management in order to obtain official approval from the LDA and other departments. Investors can easily purchase property in this area without risk because it is a safe living and investment hub. After Urban City Lahore’s LDA approval, residents will have underground electricity, Sui Gas, and all other basic facilities.

Urban City Lahore Owners and Developers

Urban City Lahore |Payment Plan 2024 |Location Map

Urban City Lahore is jointly developed by Al Hafeez and Al Rehman developers, who have been in the construction industry for many years and have a great reputation. They are well known for their quality work, timely delivery of projects, and customer satisfaction. They adhere to all government regulations and use the latest technology to build their projects.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in each project they take on and they have a vast portfolio of successful projects. The developers of Urban City Lahore strive to provide the best services, build trust with their customers, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Transparency and dependability are the primary tactics they use to increase client satisfaction. They have been considered among the greatest real estate developers due to their competence in architect development, land acquisition, building, and design. The Developers collaborates with top architects, engineers, and designers to ensure that all of their projects meet the greatest of standards.

The Developers team is made up of seasoned experts who are dedicated to giving their customers with the best services possible. They are committed to building a brighter future for their clients and producing projects that exceed all buyer expectations.

Urban City Lahore Location

Urban City Lahore is scheduled to be built on Main GT Road, near Kala Shah Kaku, CPEC Route, at Eastern Bypass Lahore, this housing project contains numerous lavish facilities, marketplaces, malls, restaurants, important housing societies of Lahore, and many other necessary places in its surroundings. Urban CityLahore is a developed, well-connected, and easily accessible area where some of Lahore’s most popular housing developments have been created.

Urban City Lahore project is in high demand due to its ideal location, among many other factors, even at this early stage. Urban City Lahore is an excellent spot to acquire property for both living and investment purposes. Because of the high-end connection, convenient accessibility, and developed surroundings, the value and demand for properties in this area are constantly increasing.

Proximity Of Urban City Lahore to Nearby Areas

  • 25 minutes drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport
  • 5 minutes drive from The UET KSK campus, GCU KSK, and UHS
  • 25 minutes drive time from Mall Road and Azadi Chowk
  • 5 minutes drive from Ring Road Lahore
  • 5 Minutes drive from Motorway M2

Urban City Lahore Landmarks

  • Al Kabir Orchard
  • Iqbal Gardens 
  • KSK
  • AM Gardens Lahore
  • Supreme City
  • Lahore Smart City

Urban City Lahore Landmarks

The surroundings of Urban City Lahore are quite advantageous, developed, and serene. Residents will have convenient access to all facilities, such as education, health, commercial, industrial, food, transportation, and others. The position of the Urban city Lahore is immediately connected with numerous major roads and highways, making it conveniently accessible from all regions of Lahore and neighboring cities.

Urban City Lahore Map

Urban City Lahore’s backside is linked to the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, while the front is linked to Muridke Road, Lahore Smart City, and Al Kabir Orchard.

The GT Road connects the neighborhood to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and the Lahore Ring Road, making it an ideal location for commuters.

Buyers can benefit from Urban City Lahore because property prices in important locations are continually rising. The District One Sheikhupura location map adds significantly to the worth of this civilization. This is one of the most important characteristics that contribute to it being the greatest housing society.

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Urban City Lahore Master Plan

Urban City Lahore |Payment Plan 2024 |Location Map

Urban City Lahore are planned with excellence and innovation in mind, taking into account worldwide standards. This society provides a sustainable living environment with a variety of premium features and amenities. Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based firm, designed Urban City, a well-planned housing estate. They have previously designed Pakistan’s world-class housing developments, the most noteworthy of which are Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Urban City Lahore will include multiple blocks with various sizes of residential and commercial units spread throughout a wide land area of 4,500 Kanal.

Green spaces for outdoor activities such as jogging tracks, parks with playgrounds, and community gardens are also included in the master plan.It is designed to ensure optimal space usage and effective infrastructure development.

This location provides safe, convenient, and luxury living while meeting all of the needs of modern housing. In addition to the modern features, the developers have paid close attention to landscaping, vegetation, and plantation. Residents of Urban City Lahore on the other hand, can enjoy both a sustainable and modern living environment.


Urban City Lahore Payment Plan

Urban City Lahore is a new residential development with world-class infrastructure, modern amenities, and a variety of appealing features. Despite these factors, Urban City Lahore plot rates are very cheap and appealing. Society invites potential customers from all economic situations to purchase a plot with an affordable payment plan.

Urban City Lahore Residential Plots

Urban City Lahore Commercial Plots

Residential plots of 3, 5, 10, and 1 Kanal can be purchased here. Commercial plots of 2, 4, and 8 Marla are also available. The reservation can be made with a small down payment, followed by a simple 3 to 4 year installment plan. However, plot possession will be granted three years after booking. The management easily devised the Urban City Lahore payment plan to make property purchasing easier. However, property rates in cities vary depending on their size, kind, block, and socioeconomic location.

Urban City Lahore Payment Plan

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment 36 Monthly Installments 6-Bi-Annual Payments Allocation Possession
3-Marla 870,000 175,000 6,806 50,000 75,000 75,000
5-Marla 1,400,000 275,000 11,806 75,000 125,000 125,000
10-Marla 2,750,000 550,000 22,222 150,000 250,000 250,000
3,5,10 marla residential plots prices and payment plan


  • The above prices do not include development charges.
  • The form and processing fee is 500 per marla.
  • 10% discount on lamp-sum payment while 5% discount on 50% payment.
  • 10% extra charges for category plots (corner, facing park, and main boulevard).

Since the community is still in its early stages, property prices are low, encouraging many investors to purchase a plot in Lahore’s most desirable area. Plot values and prices will undoubtedly rise in this area over time. The payment plan for Urban City Lahore is spread out over three years with flexible installments.

Urban City Lahore key Features and Amenities

Urban City Lahore |Payment Plan 2024 |Location Map
  • High alert security system
  • 24/7 Security and surveillance came
  • Gated Community 
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Open Gymnasiums 
  • Swimming pools 
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Community Mosques and a Grand Mosque
  • Sui Gas
  • Schools Colleges and Universities
  • Sewarage and Underground Electricity 
  • Childrens’Parks
  • Community Centre
  • Huge Commercial areas and markets
  • Green Belts

A huge Quaid bazaar, a performance bridge, a hairdo garden, a light museum, and sensor-based highways are among Urban City Lahore’s highlights.
With all of these advantages and amenities, you can be confident that it is the ideal location for a comfortable and secure life. So, if you’re seeking for a high-quality housing society in Lahore at a reasonable price, Urban City Lahore is your best bet. It has all of the conveniences and characteristics that a modern housing society need.

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Opportunities for Investment in Urban City Lahore

Investing in Urban City Lahore might be a good investment for both short-term and long-term advantages. The project provides inexpensive payment options and flexible installments, making it accessible to people with a limited budget or a desire to diversify their real estate portfolio.

Lahore's Current and Future Real Estate Market Trends

Lahore’s real estate industry is rapidly expanding. The creation of new housing complexes has increased the demand for property in the city dramatically.
Urban City Lahore is a project that provides investors with an excellent opportunity to benefit on this expanding market. Urban City Lahore’s location and amenities make it an excellent investment opportunity for buyers.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Based on current market trends and recent infrastructural development in the area, Urban City Lahore is predicted to have a significant potential for return on investment. The property’s value is likely to rise dramatically in the next years, making it an excellent investment.

Comparison with Other Projects in the Area

Compared to other real estate projects in the area, Urban City Lahore boasts of exceptional facilities and amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, and clubhouse. The project is also well-connected to all the major areas of Lahore, which makes it more desirable for investors and potential buyers.

Legal Procedures for Owning Property in Urban City Lahore

Due to the project’s transparent and well-documented regulations, purchasing property in Urban City Lahore is a simple process. The developers have taken all required precautions to ensure that the customers suffer no legal issues while purchasing their residences.

Compliance and Regulatory Approvals

Urban City Lahore has gained all of the essential governmental approvals, making it a legally compliant project. These approvals provide buyers confidence that they are investing in a project that adheres to all legal requirements.

Finally, Urban City Lahore is a great investment option that provides modern residential and commercial apartments, flexible payment plans, and a convenient location. The project has the potential to generate a high return on investment due to its variety of amenities and features.

Buyers should, however, thoroughly analyze their options, conduct their research, and review customer reviews before making a purchase. Overall, Urban City Lahore is a project that anyone interested in investing in Lahore’s thriving real estate market should explore.

Urban City Lahore FAQs

Ans: 4500 acres of land and has been approved by the Tehsil Municipal Authority, Lahore, and the Lahore Development Authority.

Ans: This project is developed in collaboration with Al-Rehman Developers and Al-Hafeez Developers. They are seasoned construction specialists with a lengthy history of successful projects in various districts of Lahore.

Ans: Urban City Lahore is located near the Kala Shah Kako intersection on the Main GT Road / Narowal-Muridke Road. 

Ans: Surbana Jurong, an international renowned town planning firm is the Master Planner of Urban City Lahore.

Ans: TMA has granted NOC to Urban City Lahore.

Ans: Urban City Lahore is a safe society created by Lahore's most well-known developers. It offers its occupants a nice living with modern conveniences at a very reasonable price.

Ans: Yes, Urban City Lahore is a gated neighborhood with 24-hour surveillance and security.

Ans: Lahore's urban center is well-connected to the rest of the city via a network of roads and highways. There are other public transit choices, such as buses and taxis.

Ans: There are various retail and leisure opportunities nearby Urban City Lahore, including malls, movies, and restaurants.

Ans: Yes, that is an excellent financial opportunity. The project is being developed by skilled professionals and has received all relevant TMA Ferozwala permissions.The society will provide its residents with a variety of amenities and facilities, making it an ideal location to live. As a result, Urban City Lahore is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a safe and secure housing endeavor in Lahore with all of the necessary amenities and services.

Urban City Lahore |Payment Plan 2024 |Location Map

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