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Bahria Town Peshawar Coming soon

Introducing Bahria Town Peshawar, an upcoming residential community set to redefine living in Peshawar. Conveniently situated near the M-2 Expressway on Charsadda Road, this prestigious development is being crafted by the renowned Bahria Town Private Limited. With an expected launch within the next 3 to 9 months, the exact date will be disclosed shortly.

Bahria Town Peshawar is poised to become a prominent real estate venture, following in the footsteps of the successful DHA Peshawar. These exceptional projects offer lucrative investment prospects, promising to revolutionize Peshawar’s real estate industry. Enthusiastic investors eagerly await the unveiling of this project, recognizing its immense potential for substantial returns.

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The Concept Behind Bahria Town Peshawar

The concept behind Bahria Town Peshawar is to create a modern and sustainable community that caters to the needs and aspirations of its residents. 

This meticulously planned development encompasses a wide range of amenities, including residential and commercial spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, recreational areas, and much more. 

The aim is to provide a holistic living experience that promotes a high quality of life and fosters a sense of belonging.

Developers and Ownership of Bahria Town Peshawar

Developers and Ownership of Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar, the highly anticipated project, is being developed by the prestigious Bahria Town Private Limited. With a track record of delivering outstanding projects across major cities in Pakistan, Bahria Town has earned both domestic and international recognition for its exceptional work.

The driving force behind Bahria Town is Malik Riaz Hussain, the visionary founder and chairman, with Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik serving as the esteemed chief executive. Since its establishment in 1996, Bahria Town has successfully completed residential and commercial projects in prominent cities such as Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Nawabshah.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the notable projects undertaken by Bahria Town in these cities:

Bahria Town karachi projects
Bahria Town lahore projects
Bahria Town islamabad projects

If you have any questions, please contact their toll-free number 0800 00100. Bahria Town has offices in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Nawabshah, and now in Peshawar.

Bahria Town Peshawar is set to introduce a new era of excellence, promising an exceptional living experience. Stay tuned for further updates and seize the opportunity to become a part of this remarkable venture.

Verification of Bahria Town Peshawar's No Objection Certificate (NOC)

At present, there is a lack of reliable information available regarding the issuance of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Bahria Town Peshawar. 

To ensure clarity and transparency, prospective investors are strongly advised to directly reach out to the relevant development authorities for confirmation of the project’s legal status. It is imperative to obtain the most up-to-date information before making any investment decisions.\

Once the project is officially launched, the legal status of the society will be unveiled, providing valuable insights to potential investors. Stay informed and connected to stay updated on the latest developments regarding the NOC for Bahria Town Peshawar.

Prime Location of Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar is strategically positioned near the M-2 Expressway, specifically along Charsadda Road in Peshawar. The selection of this location was based on the convenience it offers to both investors and residents, ensuring easy accessibility to all.

Navigating to Bahria Town Peshawar is made effortless through the use of popular navigation tools such as Google Maps. Simply input the name and the map will guide you seamlessly to your destination.

The prime location of Bahria Town Peshawar guarantees a well-connected and easily reachable community, adding to the appeal of this promising real estate project.

Video Guide For Location Bahria Town Peshawar

Convenient Accessibilities of Bahria Town Peshawar


Bahria Town Peshawar prides itself on offering remarkable accessibility for its residents and visitors alike. This housing project is designed with utmost convenience in mind, ensuring ease of movement and connectivity.

Located in a well-connected area, Bahria Town Peshawar ensures seamless access to major roads and transportation networks. Whether you prefer to travel by private vehicle or avail yourself of public transportation, reaching and navigating within the community is a breeze.

With its commitment to accessibility, Bahria Town Peshawar aims to provide a hassle-free living experience, ensuring that residents can effortlessly connect with the rest of Peshawar and beyond.

Prominent Landmarks and Places near Bahria Town Peshawar


Bahria Town Peshawar enjoys a strategic location, with a plethora of noteworthy landmarks and places in close proximity. Residents of this thriving community can benefit from the convenience of having these attractions within reach:


  • DHA Peshawar: The esteemed Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Peshawar is located nearby, offering a prestigious and secure residential environment.


  • M-2 Expressway: Bahria Town Peshawar benefits from easy access to the M-2 Expressway, a major highway connecting Peshawar to other cities.


  • Peshawar Cantt: The historic Peshawar Cantt area is in close proximity, known for its military significance and vibrant atmosphere.


  • Peshawar Ring Road: The well-connected Peshawar Ring Road encircles the city, facilitating smooth commuting and enhancing connectivity.


  • Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar: A renowned medical institution, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, is conveniently situated near Bahria Town, providing excellent healthcare facilities.


  • Bacha Khan International Airport: The nearby Bacha Khan International Airport ensures convenient air travel access for residents and visitors.


  • City University of Information & Technology: Those pursuing higher education can benefit from the presence of City University of Information & Technology, located nearby.


  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University: Another prominent educational institution in close proximity is Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, catering to the academic needs of female students.


These landmarks and places further enhance the appeal of Bahria Town Peshawar, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected and vibrant living environment.

Bahria Town Peshawar Master Plan: A New Era of Living

Bahria Town Peshawar’s master plan promises to set new standards in residential development by providing unprecedented living amenities. The Millennium Builders, a pioneer in the industry, will share the official master plan with our esteemed clients as soon as it becomes available.

Earlier this week, Bahria Town’s CEO, Malik Riaz, posted a message on Twitter letting Peshawar citizens know that Bahria Town will arrive soon. As investors eagerly await this groundbreaking project, poised to revolutionize the real estate market in Peshawar, this news has ignited excitement.

The society is currently in the process of acquiring vast tracts of land, signaling its ambition. According to estimates, Bahria Town Peshawar will cover about 100,000 Kanals of land, but specific details will be revealed at the society’s official launch later this year. We will keep you posted on Bahria Town Peshawar’s latest developments.

Upon the introduction of Bahria Town Peshawar, DHA Lahore is expected to be affected by this development. As a result, Bahria Town’s housing societies offer plot prices which are relatively lower than those offered by DHA’s housing societies. In order to obtain further information, please visit Bahria Town Peshawar office, which will provide further details.

Exciting times lie ahead as Bahria Town Peshawar prepares to redefine the real estate landscape, offering a transformative living experience to its residents. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we embark on this remarkable journey together.

Booking Procedure for Bahria Town Peshawar:

Millennium Builders values transparent customer communication. Ask the management about the booking process to get the latest information. We’ve made booking easy.

Follow these steps to book:

  • Complete the Booking Application Form carefully.
  • Copy the applicant’s CNIC.
  • Pay the deposit by cheque or pay order to “Bahria Town Peshawar Pvt. Ltd.” However, management should confirm any recent changes in this process.
  • Management approves cash payments.
  • Submit all documents, money, and the official receipt.

Follow these procedures to book your Bahria Town Peshawar home. Our team is available to help with booking questions.

Residential Plot Sizes in Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar offers a range of residential plot sizes to cater to diverse needs and preferences. The anticipated plot sizes are as follows:


Commercial Plot Sizes in Bahria Town Peshawar

In addition to residential plots, Bahria Town Peshawar also provides opportunities for commercial ventures. The expected commercial plot sizes are:


These varied plot sizes in both residential and commercial categories provide individuals with flexibility and options to meet their specific requirements in Bahria Town Peshawar.
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Houses for Sale Sizes in Bahria Town Peshawar

For those seeking ready-to-move-in options, Bahria Town Peshawar offers houses for sale in various sizes, accommodating different lifestyle preferences. The anticipated house sizes are:

  • 5 Marla Houses for Sale
  • 8 Marla Houses for Sale
  • 10 Marla Houses for Sale
  • 1 Kanal Houses for Sale
  • 2 Kanal Houses for Sale

Bahria Town Peshawar aims to cater to a wide range of residential and commercial needs, providing individuals with ample choices to suit their specific requirements.
These varied plot sizes in both residential and commercial categories provide individuals with flexibility and options to meet their specific requirements in Bahria Town Peshawar.

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Payment Plan for Bahria Town Peshawar: Affordable Options Await

The official payment plan for Bahria Town Peshawar is yet to be unveiled by the management. However, rest assured that as soon as it is released, we will promptly share the details with you. The plots available for sale in Bahria Town Peshawar are expected to come with affordable price tags and convenient installment schedules.

During the pre-launch phase, the expected prices for plots in Bahria Town Peshawar are projected to be reasonable, making it an opportune time for potential buyers to secure their investments. For comprehensive and up-to-date information on pricing, we encourage you to visit the official website of Bahria Town Peshawar.

The payment plan for Bahria Town Peshawar will provide prospective buyers with accessible options, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free purchasing process. Stay tuned for the official release of the payment plan and embark on your journey towards owning a piece of this promising real estate development.

Investment Potential in Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar Coming soon

Investing in Bahria Town Peshawar is a wise choice for those looking to capitalize on the potential for high returns. The development’s prime location, world-class amenities, and reputable developer make it an attractive investment option. With the continuous growth and development in Peshawar, property values in Bahria Town Peshawar are expected to appreciate over time, offering investors a lucrative opportunity.

The Future of Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar’s future holds a promising official launch, showcasing modern infrastructure and top-notch amenities. The project offers investment opportunities and a positive impact on the real estate market. It aims to create a vibrant community, fostering a high standard of living and a sense of unity among residents.

Future Developments and Plans for Bahria Town Peshawar

As part of its future developments, Bahria Town Peshawar plans to introduce additional amenities and facilities to further enhance the living experience. These include the construction of more parks and recreational areas, the establishment of new shopping centers, and the addition of sports facilities. The developer’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that residents will always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Investing in Bahria Town Peshawar: Is It Worth It?

Investing in Bahria Town Peshawar is undoubtedly worth considering. The development’s track record of success, coupled with its prime location and world-class amenities, makes it an attractive investment option. 

Whether you are looking to purchase a property for personal use or for rental income, Bahria Town Peshawar offers excellent potential for long-term growth and profitability.

Modern Facilities and Amenities at Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar offers a wide range of modern facilities and amenities designed to enhance residents’ living experience, all at affordable rates. This comprehensive real estate project ensures that every aspect of a luxurious contemporary lifestyle is catered to.

Here are the exceptional facilities available at Bahria Town Peshawar:

  • Eco-Friendly Environment: The project is dedicated to providing an eco-friendly lifestyle that harmoniously blends with nature. Residents will enjoy a unique experience immersed in a close-to-nature environment, setting it apart from any other development in Pakistan.
  • Water Resources: Addressing the residents’ water requirements is a top priority. Bahria Town Peshawar incorporates well-designed water reservoirs to store a substantial amount of water, ensuring a sufficient supply for everyday needs.
  • Business and Commercial Hub: To meet the economic and commercial needs of the community, Bahria Town Peshawar includes a comprehensive commercial area. This all-in-one commercial hub enables residents to conveniently fulfill their commercial requirements within the project itself.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensuring the safety and security of residents is of utmost importance. Bahria Town Peshawar incorporates a robust security system with strategically placed 24/7 CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment, providing comprehensive security coverage. Additionally, the project is encompassed by a boundary wall and a foolproof system, further enhancing the overall safety measures.

Bahria Town Peshawar prioritizes the provision of top-notch facilities and amenities, setting a new standard for contemporary living in the region. Experience a truly exceptional lifestyle where all your needs are met within this remarkable development.

Key Features of Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar offers an array of impressive features that make it stand out as a premier residential community:

Retail Shops: The project includes a range of shops, providing residents with convenient access to various retail options within the community.

Affordability: Bahria Town Peshawar strives to offer affordable options, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle.

Accessibility: The project boasts excellent accessibility, allowing residents to easily connect with major roads and transportation networks.

24/7 Security: A robust security system, including round-the-clock surveillance and trained personnel, ensures the safety and peace of mind for residents.

Maintenance: Bahria Town Peshawar emphasizes the importance of proper maintenance, ensuring that the community remains well-kept and attractive at all times.

Water Resources: The project prioritizes water management, providing ample water resources to cater to the needs of residents.

Eco-friendly Community: Bahria Town Peshawar is designed as an environmentally friendly community, incorporating sustainable practices for a greener and healthier living environment.

Beautiful Entrance: The community features an aesthetically pleasing entrance, creating a welcoming and visually appealing ambiance.

Quality Development: The project is committed to delivering a high standard of development, focusing on quality construction and infrastructure.

Utilities: Bahria Town Peshawar ensures the provision of essential utilities such as water, gas, electricity, along with a reliable sewerage and waste disposal system.

World-class Infrastructure: The community is built with a world-class infrastructure, incorporating modern design and functionality.

Experience the exceptional features offered by Bahria Town Peshawar, where quality, affordability, and convenience come together to create an unparalleled living experience.

Bahria Town Peshawar: Top Reasons to Invest

Investing in Bahria Town Peshawar presents numerous compelling advantages. For investors seeking a profitable opportunity, Bahria Town Peshawar stands out as the prime investment choice in Islamabad. Below are key reasons why investing in Bahria Town Peshawar is highly advantageous:

Eco-Friendly: Bahria Town Peshawar is committed to eco-friendliness, providing a sustainable and environmentally conscious living environment that resonates with modern green living principles.

Affordability: The project offers affordability without compromising on quality. Investors can capitalize on the opportunity to acquire properties at competitive prices, maximizing their return on investment.

Prime Location: Bahria Town Peshawar enjoys a prime location, strategically situated in a highly desirable area. This favorable positioning adds value to the properties and ensures easy access to essential amenities and transportation networks.

Spacious Properties: The development offers spacious properties, providing ample living spaces for residents. This focus on spaciousness ensures comfort and enhances the overall quality of living.

Luxurious Amenities: Bahria Town Peshawar boasts an impressive range of luxurious amenities, including state-of-the-art facilities and recreational options. This guarantees a lifestyle that is both comfortable and enjoyable for residents.

Soon-to-be-Approved: The project is on the verge of receiving official approvals, which further solidifies its legitimacy and attractiveness as an investment opportunity.

Well-Known Developers: Bahria Town Peshawar is developed by a reputable and renowned developer, ensuring a reliable and trusted investment experience. The developer’s track record of successful projects adds to the project’s credibility.

International Infrastructure Development: The project is characterized by international standard infrastructure development. This ensures world-class quality and a modern living experience for residents.

Investing in Bahria Town Peshawar provides a gateway to profitable returns and a remarkable living experience. With its eco-friendly approach, affordability, prime location, and luxurious amenities, this project offers an investment opportunity that is hard to resist. Secure your investment today and be part of a prestigious development that promises to elevate your lifestyle.

Guidelines for Purchasing/Selling Plots:

When engaging in the purchase or sale of plots, it is essential to follow these guidelines for a smooth and secure transaction:

Document Verification:

Prior to any property transaction, it is crucial to thoroughly verify all documentation to ensure accuracy and avoid any potential miscommunication. Take the time to inquire about the No Objection Certificate (NOC) and other approval documents issued by the developers, duly authorized by the relevant authorities. This step guarantees the validity of your documentation, providing peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before finalizing any property sale or purchase, it is important to ensure that your funds align with your intended purchase plan. By ensuring financial stability, you can proceed with the transaction without encountering any issues or delays.

Property Visits:

After confirming the validity of the documents and financial readiness, it is recommended to visit the site in person. This allows you to physically inspect the property and ensure that it aligns with the specifications mentioned in the written documents. This step adds an extra layer of confidence and ensures that the property meets your expectations.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can navigate the process of purchasing or selling plots with confidence and avoid any potential complications. Always prioritize thorough document verification, financial security, and on-site visits to ensure a smooth and satisfactory transaction.

Documentation Requirements for Booking:

Besides ensuring a seamless booking process, we recommend asking about the latest documentation requirements at the millennium builders. Aside from Bahria Town Peshawar, we also provide residential and commercial plot reservation services in other well-regarded developments, such as Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad.

The following documents are typically required for purchasing property in Bahria Town Peshawar:

  • Two passport-size photos
  • For overseas Pakistanis, NICOP (National Identity Card)
  • National Identity Card two copies
  • Identification cards of your nearest relatives

The booking process can be smoothed out if you fulfill these documentation requirements. Please contact us for further assistance or information. Throughout your property purchase journey, we are here to help you make informed decisions and provide exceptional service.

Property investment benefits:

Real estate investment is recognized as one of the most profitable ventures, offering excellent potential for investment returns. However, it is crucial to conduct investment activities correctly to reap the rewards. Investing in the real estate industry can provide various benefits, some of which are highlighted below:


Financial Security:

Investing in real estate helps preserve the value of assets and provides a secure investment option. Unlike other assets that may depreciate over time, real estate investments have the potential to maintain their value and even appreciate.


Stable Income:

Real estate investments offer the opportunity to generate a stable income. For instance, purchasing a property and renting it out on a monthly or yearly basis can yield a consistent cash flow. Moreover, rental income often increases annually, further enhancing the stability and profitability of the investment.



Once an investment is made, real estate does not require constant daily attention. It is a manageable asset that may only require periodic visits to ensure it remains secure and free from any unauthorized occupation.


Passive Income:

Investing in real estate enables individuals to generate passive income through rental payments. Whether acquiring developed properties or developing vacant land for rental purposes, investors can enjoy a steady stream of income throughout the year without active involvement.


Non-Depreciable Asset:

Real estate investments possess the advantage of being non-depreciable assets. When executed correctly, real estate values tend to appreciate over time. Moreover, if significant government or private projects are initiated in the vicinity of the property, its value may experience substantial growth.

By understanding and harnessing these benefits, individuals can make informed decisions and unlock the potential of real estate investment. Whether seeking financial security, stable income, manageable assets, or long-term value appreciation, real estate investment offers a promising avenue for wealth creation.

Pros and Cons of Bahria Town Peshawar:

Bahria Town Peshawar offers several advantages and considerations to keep in mind. Here are the pros and cons of investing in this prestigious project:


24/7 Water Supply: Residents benefit from round-the-clock water availability, ensuring convenience and comfort.

24/7 Electricity: Uninterrupted electricity supply ensures a smooth and uninterrupted lifestyle for residents.

24/7 Gas Connection: A continuous supply of natural gas facilitates daily activities and enhances the quality of living.

Peaceful, Healthy, and Secure Environment: The project provides a peaceful and secure environment for residents, promoting a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

Surveillance Systems, CCTV Cameras, and Guards: Bahria Town Peshawar incorporates robust security measures, including surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, and vigilant guards, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

Central Location and Proximity to Other Projects: The project’s strategic location offers easy access to central areas and other significant projects, providing convenience and connectivity.

Efficient Security System: A well-established security system ensures a high level of safety within the community.

Solid Waste Disposal Mechanism: Bahria Town Peshawar implements an effective waste disposal mechanism, contributing to a clean and hygienic living environment.


Perception of High Prices: Some individuals may perceive the prices in Bahria Town Peshawar to be relatively high, which could impact purchasing decisions.

It’s important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages when making an investment decision in Bahria Town Peshawar. The project offers numerous benefits, including uninterrupted utilities, a secure environment, and modern infrastructure. However, individuals should also be aware of any potential concerns, such as the perception of higher prices. By carefully evaluating these factors, investors can make informed choices that align with their preferences and objectives.


Bahria Town Peshawar stands as a remarkable commercial project, dedicated to offering residents a world-class luxurious lifestyle. With its abundance of luxurious amenities, affordability, and prime location, this project truly stands out. 

If you are interested in purchasing plots for sale in Bahria Town Peshawar, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

At the millennium builders, we emphasize the importance of investing in legal and legitimate projects. In addition to Bahria Town Peshawar, we also recommend exploring other lucrative real estate ventures, such as Al-Noor Orchard Lahore, Lahore Smart City, and Capital Smart City, to maximize your investment potential.

Make an informed decision and secure your future by investing in these thriving real estate projects. Our team is readily available to provide you with comprehensive information and guidance, ensuring a smooth and successful investment journey.

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