DHA Phase 4 Islamabad: A Prime Investment Opportunity in Pakistan's Real Estate

DHA Phase 4 stands out as an exciting addition to the Defense Housing Authority’s (DHA) ventures, offering a blend of residential and commercial spaces adjacent to Phase I. This project has captivated the interest of numerous investors, presenting a rare opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Moreover, DHA Islamabad Phase 4 promises a favorable Return on Investment (ROI). The development includes high-standard commercial areas and business hubs, ensuring a significant increase in plot values as the project progresses through subsequent phases. While there are no payment plans for newly developed plots, possessionable plots are available in various sectors.

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DHA Phase 4 Islamabad Location

Situated near GT Road, DHA 4 is conveniently accessible via a main link road connected to GT Road. Additionally, access is facilitated through Bahria Town Phase 8, thanks to a newly constructed bridge on the Bahria Expressway. This strategic location, coupled with proximity to key landmarks, adds immense value to the investment.

Nearby Places

  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • PWD Housing Society
  • Saffron City Islamabad
  • Bahria Town Phase 7 & 8
  • Ayub National Park
  • DHA Phase 3

DHA Phase 4 Islamabad Map

DHA Phase 4 Islamabad: Prime Investment Opportunity

Plots For Sale In DHA Phase 4 Islamabad

Plots are currently available for sale in DHA 4 Islamabad, with prices gradually increasing due to rising market demand. The most sought-after sectors are A, B, C, and G. Here’s a breakdown of the price range for each plot size in these sectors:

Plot SizeSectorLowestHighest
10 MarlaSector A14,400,00017,000,000
10 MarlaSector B8,000,00018,600,000
10 MarlaSector C7,000,00021,000,000
10 MarlaSector G8,500,0009,500,000
01 KanalSector A21,500,00027,000,000
01 KanalSector B19,900,00027,000,000
01 KanalSector C22,000,00030,000,000
01 KanalSector G8,600,0009,800,000
02 KanalSector A44,000,00067,500,000
02 KanalSector B45,000,00055,000,000
02 KanalSector C52,000,00056,500,000
02 KanalSector G20,000,00025,000,000


DHA Phase 4 Islamabad 10 Marla Plots For Sale

The 10 Marla plot size is highly sought after, offering a viable price range for real estate investors. The impressive Return on Investment (ROI) makes it a practical and beneficial choice for the future, available in almost every sector.

DHA Phase 4 Sector-wise Plot Prices

  • Sector C: The prices in this sector are on the rise due to high demand for 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, & 2 Kanal plots. Expect a further increase in plot values soon.
  • Sector G: With relatively lower plot prices, Sector G is attracting buyers looking for affordable options in 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, & 2 Kanal plots.
  • Sector B: Offering viable rates, Sector B is a cost-effective option for those wanting a prime location without the hefty price tag.
  • Sector A: As the first and fully developed sector, prices in Sector A are higher, reflecting the premium location near the link road entrance.

DHA Phase 4 Islamabad Update

The development of DHA Phase 4 is in its median phase, with most of the land leveled and ready for construction. Sectors A, B, and C offer possessionable plots, and the main boulevards and streets are fully functional. The ongoing development is supervised by expert planners, engineers, and architects.

DHA Phase 4 Islamabad Possession

Sectors A, B, and C currently have possessionable plots, allowing immediate construction for those who have cleared their dues.

DHA Phase 4 Islamabad Balloting

Balloting has taken place for Sectors A, B, and C, with further balloting planned for Sector G. Due to ongoing development, some blocks are not yet ready for residence, causing a slight delay.


DHA Phase 4 emerges as a significant project by the Defense Housing Authority, boasting a prime location, reasonable pricing, and rapid development. This comprehensive analysis underscores its importance in Islamabad’s real estate sector, offering a prime opportunity for new investors.

While the potential for return on investment is evident, exploring other projects like Capital Smart City or New City Paradise can provide further options for modern living and luxury.

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