Rawalpindi Ring Road Project To Finish On Time: Commissioner

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project must be finished in the allotted time: Liaquat Ali Chatta, the Commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division, declared on Monday that the Rawalpindi Ring Road project will be finished in the allotted time.

Liaquat Ali Chhatta received an update on the status of the Ring Road project during a visit to the Project Camp Office. The Commissioner visited various locations, ranging from Thalian Interchange to Khasala Khudard, to assess the building activity.

He issued a warning, saying that carelessness in building work would not be accepted.

Along with 15 subways, the ring road would have five interchanges, eleven overpasses, bridges over two rivers, six canals, and a railway bridge.

He also mentioned that a rest facility will be built on the ring road.

The Ring Road Project would be a wonderful present for Rawalpindi’s residents. He said that the locals will have job chances because of this project.

He declared that no society close to the ring road project would receive any assistance.

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