Rwp Ring Road Project Set for Grand Inauguration on August 14th

In a groundbreaking announcement, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta of Rawalpindi Division declared the inauguration date for the highly anticipated Rwp Ring Road project—set for August 14. The commissioner, during a visit to the Ring Road Project Camp Office, received a comprehensive briefing on the ongoing construction progress.

The intricate details unfolded as work commenced at the river Swan, with the Sil Thalian Interchange undergoing a transformative remodeling process. Remarkably, the modeling of the traffic network for both the Ring Road and Motorway was concurrently in progress.

The Parks and Horticulture Authority is poised to unveil a comprehensive plan for lush plantations adorning both sides of the Ring Road, injecting a touch of green into the urban landscape. Notably, a commendable 18% of the physical work on the Ring Road project has already been accomplished, as divulged by Commissioner Chatta.

With a steadfast commitment to quality, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta pledged that the Ring Road project would reach completion by July 31, culminating in a grand inauguration on August 14. The ambitious project boasts five interchanges, 11 overpasses, bridges spanning two rivers, six canals, and a railway bridge, along with an impressive network of 15 subways.

In a parallel legal development, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) intervened, preventing the trial court from soliciting witness testimonies in the Imran-Bushra nikah case. The commissioner, displaying a proactive approach, instructed the immediate preparation of the design for the rest area on the Ring Road.

Emphasizing the transformative impact, Commissioner Liaquat Ali highlighted the potential enhancement of Rawalpindi’s traffic system upon the project’s completion. Furthermore, he underlined the socio-economic benefits, asserting that the Ring Road initiative would generate employment opportunities for local residents, heralding a positive era of progress for the region.

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