How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online: A Comprehensive Guide

In Pakistan, e-governance has gained immense popularity, with governmental authorities and departments relying on digital solutions to facilitate and serve the public. The property, taxation, and other departments have further encouraged this idea by introducing mobile apps, web apps, and digital portals. This digital revolution has made it significantly easier for property owners to check and verify property ownership online. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the online property ownership verification systems in Punjab and Sindh and the benefits of these digital platforms.

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Check Property Ownership in Pakistan

One of the key developments in this digital revolution is the recent digitization of the urban land record system in Punjab and Sindh. This initiative aims to provide property owners with a quick and efficient way to check and verify property ownership.

Punjab Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS)

Punjab, one of the provinces of Pakistan, initiated its online property ownership checking system back in 2012. The Punjab Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS) was launched to facilitate property owners in the region. The system involved scanning land records and adding them to a vast property database, with the assistance of the World Bank.

Sindh's Land Administration and Revenue Management Information System (LARIMS)

Sindh, another province in Pakistan, has also introduced an online property ownership checking system. The Land Administration and Revenue Management Information System (LARIMS) was designed to resolve land ownership difficulties and combat scamming policies associated with the traditional property registry system.

Benefits of Digital Land Records Management Information Systems

Compared to the traditional property ownership and registry systems, the digital platforms offer several advantages, making it easier for individuals to check property ownership in Pakistan online:

  • Time Savings: Checking property ownership in Pakistan can now be done from the comfort of your home, saving you time and effort.
  • Cost-Free: These online platforms are available to the public at no cost, ensuring accessibility for everyone.
  • Accuracy: Digital platforms provide more accurate and faster property ownership results, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Reduced Risk: With the digitization of property records and administration, there is a lower risk of fraud and corruption.
  • Convenience: Property owners no longer need to visit physical offices or locations to verify ownership.

The move towards digital property ownership verification not only benefits property owners but also aids in reducing corruption and ensuring more efficient property-related matters. Currently, Punjab and Sindh have initiated online property check platforms, but there are plans for similar programs in KPK and Balochistan.

The Government's Role in Digital Transformation

The Pakistani government plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of property ownership verification. By launching digital systems and making land records available online, the government has taken significant steps toward improving transparency and efficiency in property-related matters.

Steps to Verify Property Ownership Online

To check property ownership online in Pakistan, you’ll follow a few simple steps, whether you’re in Punjab or Sindh. Here’s a quick recap:

For Punjab (Using LRMIS):

  • Visit the LRMIS website or download the mobile app.
  • Click on the property registration option.
  • Select your tehsil and area in Punjab.
  • Provide your name, number, CNIC, and property number.
  • Choose your property type (commercial or residential).
  • Click the “Search” button to see the results.

For Sindh (Using LARIMS):

  • Visit the official LARIMS Sindh website or download the mobile app.
  • Access the property registration section.
  • Verify yourself through CAPTCHA.
  • Specify your district or area in Sindh.
  • Enter your name, CNIC, and property number.
  • Indicate your property type (residential or commercial).
  • Click the search button to access the results.


The digitization of urban land records in Punjab and Sindh, along with the availability of online property verification systems, has transformed the way property owners in Pakistan verify their property ownership. It not only saves time and offers accuracy but also plays a significant role in reducing fraud and corruption. Whether you’re a property owner or an investor, these online systems provide a transparent and reliable way to check property ownership in Pakistan.

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online: A Comprehensive Guide

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