How to Check Property Ownership Through CNIC

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Owning a property has become a big deal in Pakistan. People find it really tough first to acquire a property and then check the ownership by visiting the locations every once in a while. They have to deal with Patwaris and the slow process not only gives birth to various disputes but also makes one physically and mentally exhausted. Moreover, ambiguous procedures are the key cause of corruption in society and this is the very factor why owning a property has become extremely difficult for people in Pakistan.

We are living in a 21st century and its an era of technology and advancement. Machines have taken the place of humans and this has made life a lot easier than in the past. Most of the world has seen a shift from manual to digitized records. Our manual cars have been replaced with automated models, which has only made life easier for people. In respect of all that, it is high time we should introduce a system in Pakistan that should not only check the property updates but also comes in access to everyone.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

The Punjab Land Authority (PLRA) took his initiative and introduced a system through which you can check your property by entering the cnic number in a portal. However, the process is limited to Punjab and its district. The Punjab Land Record Authority manages all the land and property-related matters in the region. The government of Pakistan introduced an online portal through which citizens can check their land records online. The authorities made this initiative to avoid corruption and make the process of owning a property easier and more stable.

Land Registration Check Online

It’s a simple process that allows you to get information about your property and its authenticity online. The process of checking property ownership through a CNIC is simple and straightforward. All you need is the property owner’s CNIC number. 

Once you have this, you can go to the website of the Land Record Authority in your province (Punjab or Sindh, as the facility is available for 2 provinces) and enter the CNIC number into the search box. This will bring up all of the information related to the property, including the name of the current owner. The Sindh Board of Revenue has also launched this online system for people owning property in Sindh.

The updating of land records in Punjab and Sindh would contribute to the eradication of persistent problems with the current system, including all kinds of land ownership disputes. Computerized land records eliminate the risk of fake ownership documents and deeds, which are typically difficult to establish.

Therefore, if you’re interested in finding out whether the land you own is still yours but are unsure how to use the recently implemented online system, keep reading this blog as we’re about to provide you with step-by-step guidance in this respect.

What are the Steps to Check Property Ownership?

Benefits of Using an Online Track System For Property Check

There are many benefits of using an online track system for property checks. 

How to check property ownership through cnic

1. More Efficient and Streamlined Process

One of the main benefits is that it allows for a more efficient and streamlined process. With an online tracking system, property owners can track their property from a central location. This can save a lot of time and effort, as well as provide authentic details. 

2. Improve Communication Between Property Owners and Managers

Another benefit of using an online track system is that it can help to improve communication between property owners and managers. By tracking property information online, property owners can easily share updates and communicate with managers. This can help to keep everyone on the same page and make sure that everyone is aware of what is happening on the property. 

3. Secure and Save

Moreover, the system is very secure and thus you are safe from any sort of corruption. Overall, using an online track system for property checks can offer a number of benefits. By streamlining the process and improving communication, online track systems can make it easier for property owners to stay on top of their property.

The Punjab Land Record Authority's Online Portal provides easy access to property information. To use it, visit the PLRA website, select 'Fard,' choose the district, tehsil, and village, enter the owner's name or Khewat number, input the verification code, and click 'search' to retrieve the land records.

For plot verification in Karachi by CNIC:

  • SindhZameen website: [] for plots under Sindh Board of Revenue.
  • DHA Payment Verification: [] for DHA plots.

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