Complete List of Illegal Housing Societies in Pakistan (Islamabad) 2023

Pakistan’s real estate sector has been experiencing rapid growth and urbanization, offering a plethora of housing options to cater to the needs of its expanding population. However, amid this development frenzy, a disturbing trend has emerged—the rise of illegal housing societies in Pakistan. These housing ventures pose significant risks to unsuspecting buyers, residents, and the overall stability of the country’s urban landscape.

Concept of Illegal Housing Societies

Illegal housing societies refer to residential projects or communities that are established without obtaining the necessary approvals, permits, and legal documentation from relevant authorities.

Additionally, these societies operate outside the framework of urban planning regulations, often lacking essential infrastructure, basic amenities, and compliance with safety standards. They deceive potential buyers with false promises, leading to financial losses and legal complications. The growth of illegal housing societies poses risks to buyers, residents, and the overall stability as well as the development of the urban landscape.

How is a Society or Housing Scheme Said to be illegal in Islamabad ?

Illegal Housing Societies

Undoubtedly illegal housing societies in Pakistan have changed the trends of investment and Business on the whole. Moreover, it is an overall view that real estate investment never goes in vain. So, before making any investment one has to choose the right society or authorized dealers to buy a property in one’s name.

On a monthly and yearly basis, the Capital Development Authority publishes a list of authorized and unlawful housing societies in Islamabad. Furthermore, these lists are created to inform the general public and other stakeholders about illegal housing societies in Pakistan. Likewise, illegal housing societies in Pakistan that do not have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the CDA are considered illegal.

Numerous illegal housing societies in Pakistan, according to the CDA, are operating in various zones and sectors of Islamabad. Furthermore, according to CDA Ordinance 1960, ICT (Zoning Regulations), and processes created thereunder for the launch of private housing schemes, the approval of any housing society is a two-tier process.

A housing society is made up of various elements like homes, roads, security, and amenities. In addition, unauthorized or illegal housing projects imply that they have not adhered to the regulations and design plans. Likewise, these illegal societies are operating without a proper structure, and they are simply selling more units than they can accommodate. Furthermore, they might not have purchased the land legally or they might have taken it from the owners. 

The following are listings of unauthorized housing societies in Islamabad’s five zones:

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone 1 Islamabad

Zone 1 Islamabad spans over 54,958.25 acres (222.4081 km2). Zone 1 includes the existing Grand Trunk (G.T) Road route from the starting intersection at Kashmir Highway to the Nicolson Monuments. The following societies are considered illegal in Zone 1 of Islamabad:

  • Abdullah Town, H-17
  • Ammar Town, H-17
  • Chinnar Town, H-17
  • Gulshan-e-Taleem, H-15
  • Jhangio Sayedain Homes, H-15
  • Peral Orchard, H-17
  • Qamar Garden, H-15
  • Sher Zaman Garden, H-17
  • Shifa International Housing Society, H-17
  • Talha Farms, H-17
  • Tayyab Garden H-15
  • Zammar Valley, H-17
  • Ahmad Town, D-14
  • Awan Town, D-14
  • Capital Hills Residencia, D-14
  • Green Valley Phase-II, E-15
  • Green Valley, D-14
  • Margalla View Valley, D-14
  • Paradise Valley, D-14
  • Shehzad Town, E-15

Zone 2 in Islamabad

Zone 2 is Islamabad’s smallest zone, covering 9,804.92 acres (39.6791 km2). Moreover, Zone 2 borders Zone 1 and connects to Rawalpindi at one end. Furthermore, Zone 2 consists of various territories confined to the north and northeast by the Grand Trunk (G.T) Road, to the north by the Kashmir Highway, and to the borders of Islamabad. The following are the sectors in Zone 2 Sector G-15 (Part), Sector G-16, Sector F-15 (Part), Sector F-16, Sector E-15 (Part), Sector E-16, Sector E-17, Sector D-16, Sector D-17, Sector C-17, Sector B-17.

Below are the illegal societies in Zone 2 of Islamabad.

  • Green City, Sector D-17, E-17
  • Gulshan-Rehman Sector C-17, D-17
  • Islamabad Co-operative Farming Scheme, Sector D-17
  • Jamal Akber Colony, Tarnol phatak
  • Pakistan Overseas Housing Scheme, Sector F-16
  • Pakistan Town Phase-II G-16, F-16
  • Taj Seventeen West, Luxury Apartments & Shops

Illegal Housing Societies of Zone 3 Islamabad

Zone 3 of Islamabad covers around 50,393.01 acres (203.9333 km2) and is adjacent to zones 1 and 4. Furthermore, this zone also links zones 4 and 5 to zones 1 and 2. CDA does not divide Zone 3 into sectors since it contains protected ranges and forest regions. In addition, Zone 3 has an undeveloped area between Margalla Hills and Murree Road. Likewise, Zone 3 includes Shah Allah Ditta, Margalla Avenue, Faisal Masjid, Daman-e-Koh, Saidpur, Gokina, Pir Sohawa Road, Rawal Town, Banni Gala, Malpur, Bhara Kahu, Shadara, Rawal Lake. Similarly, the following societies are illegal in this Zone:

  • Al Rayan Society
  • Ali Town
  • Arcadia City
  • Aryan Enclave, Korang Road, Banni Gala
  • Green Hills
  • Green Meadows (North Ridge) Housing Scheme
  • Major Makhdom Society

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone 4 Islamabad

Zone 4 has a large number of illegal housing societies. It encompasses 282.5287 km2 of land, or 69,814.35 acres, in the federal capital. Moreover, this Zone consists of a land area between Islamabad Park and rural land. Similarly, Zone 4 also includes the unclaimed territory between Margalla Hills and Rawal Lake as well as Lehtrar Road and the north. The illegal societies in this Zone are Sohan, Khanna, Tarlau, Lehtrar, Farash, Kirpa, Kuri Road, Phulgran, Tumir, Malal Khas, and Shahzad Town.

  • Abdullah Gardens, Kurri Road
  • Abu Bakar Town, Islamabad Expressway
  • Adil Farms, Simly Dam Road
  • Adil Valley, Simly Dam Road
  • Al-Huda Town, Lehtrar Road
  • Al-Nahal Housing Scheme, Simly Dam Road
  • Al-Rahman Villas, Kurri Road, near Attock Petroleum
  • Al-Rehman City View, Lehtrar Road, near PINSTECH, Nailore
  • Al-Syed Avenue, Park Road
  • Ali Model Town
  • Ameer Khan Enclave, Mallah road, near Bahria Enclave-I
  • Arslan Town, Lehtrar Road, adjacent to Alhamra Hills
  • Asian Ranches Villas, located at Lehtrar, Simly Dam link Road Zone-4(D), Islamabad
  • Babar Enclave, Mura Noor
  • Badar Farms, Simly Dam Road
  • Baylee Town, Kurri Road, near Attock Petroleum
  • Bhara Kahu Enclave, Islamabad
  • Blue Enclave / Star Home, located at Lehtrar, Simly Dam link road, Zone-4(d), Islamabad
  • Burma Town, Lehtrar Road
  • Canterbury Enclave near Park Road
  • Capital Gardens, Lehtrar Road
  • City Town, Lehtrar Road
  • City Views near Nilore Islamabad
  • Commonors Sky Gardens (Flyover Valley)
  • Danyal Town, Hurno Thanda Pani, Lehtrar Road
  • Doctor’s Enclave, Simly Dam Road
  • Dream Land City, Lehtrar Road Thanda Pani
  • Faisal Town, Islamabad Expressway
  • Gakkhar Town, Lehtrar Road
  • Ghouri Gardens, Lehtrar Road
  • Ghouri Town (All Phases in Zone-4), Islamabad Expressway
  • Government Officers Co-operative Farming Scheme
  • Green Avenue, Park Road
  • Green Avenue-II, Kuri Road
  • Green Fields, Simly Dam Road
  • Green Residencia. Lehtrar Road having head office opposite to Shaheen Town Phase-I, near Petrol Pump Jhang Syedaan
  • Green Valley (Phase-I & II), Simly Dam Road
  • Green Valley, Karor Road, Pehont, near Quran Complex, Zone-4(D), Islamabad sponsored by Raja Nasir & Ch. Amjad
  • Green View Villas, Lehtrar Road
  • Gulberg Town (Phase-I & II), Lehtrar Road
  • Gulf Residencia, Lehtrar Road
  • Hameed Town (Mouza Mohrian), Kuri Road
  • Hill View Houses, Simly Dam Road
  • Ideal Residencia, near Park Enclave, Kurri
  • Iqbal Town, Islamabad Expressway
  • Islamabad Farms, Simly Dam Road
  • Ittefaq Town, Old Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  • J&K Farms, Islamabad Highway
  • Japan Valley, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  • Kiyani Town, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  • Kohsaar Enclave, Jandala Road, near Naval Farms Simly Dam Road
  • M/s Tricon Agro Farms, Simly Dam Road
  • Madina Enclave, Phase-I, located at Lehtrar, Simly Dam link Road, Zone-4(d), Islamabad
  • Makkah Town, Hurno Thanda Pani, Lehtrar Road
  • Margalla Garden, Lehtrar Road
  • Marwa Town, Islamabad Highway
  • Media City-I, Kirpa Road, off Lehtrar Road
  • Mufti Mehmood Enclave, Lehtrar Road
  • Muslim Town, Simly Dam Road
  • Muzaffar Abad Town (Pind Bhegewal), Simly Dam Road
  • New University Town (near COMSATS) Park Road
  • OGDCL Town, near Chattar, Murree Road
  • Olive Wood Farms, Simly Dam Road
  • Paradise Point Housing Scheme, Lehtrar Road Islamabad
  • Park Lane Valley, Park Road
  • PTV Colony, Simly Dam Road
  • Qurtabal Town, Islamabad Highway
  • Rawal Enclave, Kurri Road
  • Rawal Enclave, Phase-III, Lethrar Road, Tumair, Islamabad. Head Office: Heaven Street Near Head Start School, Kurri Road, Islamabad
  • Royal Avenue, Park Road
  • Royal City/Royal Villas (near PINSTECH, Nilore), Lehtrar Road
  • Royal Homes Residencia, Lehtrar Road
  • Saif Garden, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  • Samaa Town, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  • Satti Town, Lehtrar Road
  • Shaheen Farms, Simly Dam Road
  • Simly Valley (Phase-I & II), Simly Dam Road
  • Small Scale Housing Project developed by Mr. Shahzad, sanjania road opposite Beaconhouse newlands, Bani Galla
  • Spring Valley, Simly Dam Road
  • The Enclave, Bani Gala road
  • Usama Town, Hurno Thanda Pani, Nilore Islamabad
  • Yaar Muhammad, Bani Gala
  • Zahoor Town, Lehtrar Road

Illegal Societies of Zone 5 Islamabad

It is Islamabad’s last zone, covering a total of 157.9466 km2 (or 39,029.45 acres). Moreover, the majority of this zone, which is located south of Islamabad Park and reaches the southern, southwestern, and southeast edges of the Federal Capital, is rural. The areas that come under this zone are, Cherah, Kahuta, Kahuta Road, Sihala, Rawat, Humak, and G.T Road. Likewise, the following are the illegal societies in Zone 5:

  • Aiza Garden, kahuta Road
  • Aiza Garden, Mouza Lohi Bher Dakhli Jawa
  • Aliya Town, Mouza Lohi Bher Dokhli Jawa
  • Askaria Town, Japan Road
  • Ayesha Town, Navy Road, Rawat
  • Azim Town, Kahuta Road
  • Bankers City, Dharwala Road
  • Canyon Views, Islamabad Highway
  • Danyal Town, Hoan Dhamyal, Sihala
  • Dhanyal Town, Kahuta Road
  • DownTown Residencia, Islamabad Expressway
  • Fatima Villa, GT Road
  • Fiza Town, Hoan Dhamyal, Sihala
  • Ghouri Town, Phases in Zone-5 Japan Road, Islamabad Highway
  • Gulshan-e-Danish, GT Road
  • Gulshan-e-Rabia, Japan Road
  • Gulshan-e-Rehman, Japan Road
  • Judicial Employees Housing Scheme, Kirpa Chirah Road
  • National Police Foundation, PWD Road, Islamabad Highway
  • New Model Town Humak / Roshan Enclave, Mouza Niazian
  • Pak PWD, Islamabad Highway
  • Parliamentarians Enclave, Japan Road
  • Rasheed Town, Japan Road
  • Rawat Enclave, Main Rawat Chowk
  • Rawat Housing Scheme, G.T road, Rawat
  • River View, Kahuta Road
  • Sadozai Town, Kangota Sayedan
  • Tele Town, Japan Road
  • Television Media Town


Avoiding illegal housing schemes in Pakistan involves a few key steps. Verify the scheme's legality with authorities, scrutinize the developer's credentials and project location, and stay cautious of unrealistic promises. Take time to research thoroughly and report any illegal schemes to authorities to prevent scams and minimize risks associated with such housing schemes.

To check approved housing societies in Pakistan, you should follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of the relevant development authority, such as the Lahore Development Authority or Capital Development Authority. 
  • Check out the list of approved housing societies and verify the registration and approval status of the housing society by entering its name or registration number in the search bar. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure that the housing society is legally authorized and registered with the concerned authorities. 

To avoid deception in real estate, one can take several precautions. 

  • Verify the credentials of the real estate agent, such as their license and reputation. 
  • Secondly, research the property thoroughly and verify all details, including ownership and legal status. It is also crucial to read and understand all contracts and agreements before signing them. Be wary of any promises that seem too good to be true, and don’t rush into any decisions without proper due diligence. 
  • Lastly, work with a trusted and reputable real estate agency or lawyer who can guide you through the process and ensure that your interests are protected. 

Lack of government oversight, the greed of developers, and inefficient land-use planning are some of the reasons behind the existence of illegal housing societies in Pakistan.

Illegal housing societies have a significant economic impact on society, leading to a loss of revenue for the government and affecting the overall growth of the real estate sector. They also endanger the lives of citizens, as these societies often lack basic amenities as well as safety measures.


The CDA has taken several actions against Islamabad’s illegal housing societies. Moreover, the Capital Development Authority has ordered various government-level agencies to compile lists of illegal housing societies so that projects and their owners can be sued. Furthermore, the CDA has already taken strict measures against the illegal housing societies in zones 3 and 4 of Islamabad by sealing their offices and subjecting their owners to legal processes.

Our customers are advised not to invest in any of the aforementioned housing societies. Furthermore, check the society’s NOC from CDA before investing and conduct extensive research. In addition, The Millennium Builders also offers expert advice. We’ll guide you and help you to invest in legal and profitable housing projects. Therefore, get in touch with us to buy a plot in one of Islamabad’s most prestigious and reputable housing societies.

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