Ring Road Rawalpindi Updates, Route and Work Progress

Ring Road Rawalpindi has remained a pivotal discourse among the masses for its significant impact on the infrastructural landscape of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This multi-expressway, spanning approximately 38.8 kilometers, has long been the subject of discussion and controversy since its announcement years ago. While facing hurdles and controversies, this transformative project aims to provide an alternative route for the distant areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Primarily conceived to alleviate traffic congestion stemming from the influx of traffic coming from motorways and the Grand Trunk (G.T) Road, the Ring Road offers a promising solution. The prevalent reliance on the city’s main roads contributes to congestion issues, prompting the need for an alternate, broader route. Its completion is expected to divert traffic, notably benefitting commuters from northern Punjab, consequently reducing congestion levels significantly. Additionally, it promises improved access to burgeoning housing societies located outside the city.

The history of Rawalpindi Ring Road is marred by interruptions, with the project facing setbacks due to budgetary constraints and layout discrepancies, setting it apart from already operational Ring Roads in cities like Peshawar and Lahore.

Despite previous hurdles, recent indications suggest a resumption of progress. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has unveiled a revised layout, marking a renewed focus on the project’s development.

Our blog aims to furnish comprehensive insights into the Rawalpindi Ring Road, detailing the approved layout and the latest developments as of November 2023.

Revised Route and Phases

The current route, spanning 38.8 kilometers (initially planned for 65 kilometers), underwent revisions by the RDA, now boasting a width of approximately 350 feet. It promises multiple lanes for smoother traffic flow, featuring various bypasses and interchanges. Notably, a crucial bypass directly linking the Ring Road with the motorway is anticipated, envisaged to significantly reduce congestion on the G.T Road.

Interchanges of Rawalpindi Ring Road

The following interchanges will be developed in the 38.5-kilometer-long patch of Ring Road Rawalpindi:

  • Baanth (Channi Sher Alam Bridge) interchange
  • Chakbeli Road Interchange
  • Khasala (Adyala Road) Interchange
  • Maira Shareef (Chakri Road) Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange

Housing Societies Benefitting from Rawalpindi Ring Road

Potential Benefits and Recent Developments

Upon completion, the Rawalpindi Ring Road anticipates streamlining traffic flow, mitigating congestion, stimulating real estate growth in surrounding areas, and fostering enhanced connectivity between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Notably, recent updates highlight the acquisition of land for Phase 1, initiation of funding, and the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including CDARDA, and FWO, alongside consultancy contributions from Botek Corporation.

However, recent setbacks due to missing land records in Tehsil Gujar Khan have generated concerns, potentially stalling progress once again. Despite this hurdle, authorities have launched inquiries and surveys to ensure project continuity.

Closing Thoughts

As of November 2023Rawalpindi Ring Road remains a significant endeavor, poised to address traffic concerns and provide vital connectivity to remote areas and housing projects. The journey, though marked by challenges, holds promise for a transformative impact on the twin cities’ infrastructural landscape.

Azhar Rasheed
Azhar Rasheed

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